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Orlando Bloom

Read through the most famous quotes from Orlando Bloom

I got to dress up in funny clothes and run around New Zealand with a bow and arrow for 18 months, how bad could that be?

— Orlando Bloom

#arrow #bad #bow #clothes #could

So I almost got stabbed by an ork yesterday and I was thinking that would be a pretty interesting way to go.

— Orlando Bloom


I am a hopeless romantic and I love to spoil my girlfriends.

— Orlando Bloom

#am #girlfriends #hopeless #hopeless romantic #i

I missed my home - like the physicality of my home, I missed my friends and my family mostly and just hanging out and being in your home country - culturally it feels right and that is what I miss.

— Orlando Bloom

#country #culturally #family #feels #friends

Whatever happens in life is fine - just trust in that.

— Orlando Bloom

#happens #just #life #trust #whatever

Failure is simply the non-presence of success. But a fiasco is a disaster of mythic proportions.

— Orlando Bloom

#failure #fiasco #mythic #proportions #simply

How can you be in hell while you are in my heart?

— Orlando Bloom

#hell #how #while #you

My whole career has been fulfilling my childhood fantasies, playing characters that are larger than life, getting to play a knight, an elf, a prince, and a soldier.

— Orlando Bloom

#career #characters #childhood #elf #fantasies

Maybe our generation is more about sex, but it feels like romance is dying out.

— Orlando Bloom

#dying #feels #generation #like #maybe

A friend told me that teenage girls are always looking for someone to pin their dreams on. That doesn't make it any less weird though.

— Orlando Bloom

#any #dreams #friend #less #looking

About Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom Quotes

Did you know about Orlando Bloom?

Bloom has a tattoo of the English word "nine" on his right wrist written in letters of the fictional Tengwar Elvish script a reference to his involvement in the Lord of the Rings and the fact that his character was one of the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring. His mother Sonia Constance Josephine (née Copeland) was born in the British section of Kolkata India the daughter of Betty Constance Josephine Walker and Francis John Copeland who was a physician and surgeon. On 15 November 2008 Bloom participated in a test drive in Moscow celebrating the 60th anniversary of Land Rover.

Bloom is married to Australian model Miranda Kerr. He subsequently establiOrlando Bloomd himself as a lead in Hollywood films including Elizabethtown and Kingdom of Heaven. Martin's Lane which ended its run on 15 September 2007.

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