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I have always felt that fear possesses such great power, enough to paralyze and quake an individual. Pondering this, I realized that the source of fear's power comes from within me. So, I ask myself, does that not make me the powerful one?

Richelle E. Goodrich

#anxiety #dread #fear #obstacles #power

Happiness doesn't always come in pink. Learn to appreciate the rainbow.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#happiness #joy #rainbow #richelle #richelle-goodrich

Christmas is our annual reminder to look up - pondering celestial stars, to look out - serving those in need, and to look down - glorifying our Lord in humble prayer.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#holidays #lord #prayer #richelle #richelle-goodrich

What’s wrong?” asked Seth, seeing my frown. “That new drummer. Alec. He hit on me earlier, and now he’s moving in on Casey. I think he’s one of those guys who thinks plying girls with liquor is the only way to get laid.” “Wait. I thought I was the only guy who knew that secret.

Richelle Mead

#richelle-mead #succubus-on-top #new-thought

Dimitri Belikov had arrived.

Richelle Mead

#dimitri-belikov #richelle

And so the game went on in this manner, the throng of children playing keep-away from a bowling ball tossed back and forth across the valley by two plump ogres. The air filled with shrieks and cheers and shouts of laughter as daring players thrilled at the sport. That is, all but the few poor souls knocked dizzy by a bowling ball and captured. No laughter rose from behind bars because those in the birdcage knew what was in store for them - soon to be lunch for a couple of hungry ogres. Now you might be thinking, ‘Wasn’t Gavin swallowed by a wolf earlier? And didn’t he call it fun? And didn’t he tell that raven-haired girl that being swallowed by a bear doesn’t hurt?’ All true, all true. But, here’s a secret you might not know. Ogres chew their food. Luckily, it’s only the first bite that stings.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#dreams #games #gavin #ogres #playing

When the girl didn’t move Gavin summoned her near with his fingers. His heart thrummed as she obeyed, stepping up close to him. Her young stature was much shorter than his tall, wiry form. Gavin regarded her prettiness - pale cheeks, pink lips, inquisitive eyes. Fascinated by her, he longed to know her name. “Who are you?” he asked. He heard the girl utter the same question at the same time. Cocking his head, he claimed, “I asked you first.” “No you didn’t,” she protested, shaking her red-hooded head, “I asked you at the same time you asked me.” Gavin grinned at her insistence. It was hard for him not to chuckle. “Well, then, I suppose we’ll have to go with ‘girls first’.” His grin widened into a white smile. The girl gestured to herself. “I’m Little Red Riding Hood.” He recognized the name of a fairytale character, and groaned under his breath at not having discovered this dreamer’s real name. “Actually,” she confessed almost immediately, “I’m not really Red Riding Hood. My name is Annabelle, but I’m pretending to be her because……well……because this is my dream and that’s what I wish to dream about.” Oh glorious day! He’d learned her name! Annabelle! Annabelle! What a perfectly sweet sound was this utterance of…..Annabelle.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#dreamland #dreams #gavin #richelle #richelle-goodrich

To Bury A Star" "I pulled a star from the darkest corner of night and hid it within my bosom. When the Earth beneath my feet gave way, moist and fertile, I knelt to the ground and cupped the radiant treasure in my hands. In a shallow hole I buried it—layer upon layer of black dirt tossed upon the spot until it no longer glowed. This I did for you, my love. Now, come with me and see what has been born from a single wishing star. Hand in hand we walk to the same spot of dirt to find the black and fertile soil sucked dry, the color blanched as pale as desert sands. Look how a ring of white fire jumps and dances around the buried starling! We catch our breath, beholding what has sprouted from this magical seed. The illusion of twisted branches glowing in the darkness like tails of comets soaring skyward—tails of baby stars that shoot like fireworks from that ring of fire. Up, up, up they fly to light a neglected corner of the night. From a single wishing star a thousand more have been born. They are for you, my love—a thousand dreams destined to come true.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#love #poetry #richelle #richelle-goodrich #star

Because I can't help doing it," he said with a shrug. "And hey, if I keep loving you, maybe you'll eventually crack and love me too. Hell, I'm pretty sure you're already half in love with me." "I am not! And everything you just said is ridiculous. That's terrible logic." Adrian returned to his crossword puzzle. "Well, you can think what you want, so long as you remember-no matter how ordinary things seem between us-I'm still here, still in love with you, and care about you more than any other guy, evil or otherwise, ever will." "I don't think you're evil." "See? Things are already looking promising.

Richelle Mead

#angst #friendship #humor #love #relationships

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