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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #sick

My biggest problem with modernity may lie in the growing separation of the ethical and the legal

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

#corruption #court-system #courts #ethical-behaviour #ethics

She was smart and terribly determined, this girl-her will was pure steel, through and through-but she was as human as anyone else. She was lonely, too. Lonely in a way that perhaps only single girls fresh from small Midwestern towns know. Homesickness is not always a vague, nostalgic, almost beautiful emotion, although that is somehow the way we always seem to picture it in our mind. It can be a terribly keen blade, not just a sickness in metaphor but in fact as well. It can change the way one looks at the world; the faces one sees in the street look not just indifferent but ugly....perhaps even malignant. Homesickness is a real sickness- the ache of the uprooted plant.

Stephen King

#determined #homesickness #lonely #single #beauty

The wolf was sick, he vowed a monk to be - But when he got well, a wolf once more was he

Walter Bower

#same-thing #sick #sickness #wolf #change

When I started writing I was a sick teenaged fuck inside who partly thought I was the new Marquis de Sade, a body doomed to communicate with Satan who was us- ing my sickness as his home away from home, and there’s your proof.

Dennis Cooper

#sickness #writing #communication

I'm always telling myself I don't have many feelings. Even when something does affect me I'm only moderately moved. I almost never cry. It's not that I'm stronger than the ones with teary eyes, I'm weaker. They have courage. When all you are is skin and bones, feelings are a brave thing. I'm more of a coward. The difference is minimal though, I just use my strength not to cry. When I do allow myself a feeling, I take the part that hurts and bandage it up with a story that doesn't cry, that doesn't dwell on homesickness.

Herta Müller

#feelings #homesickness #sadness #courage

Everybody that went away suffered a broken heart. "I'm coming back some day," they all wrote. But never did. The old life was too small to fit anymore.

Annie Proulx

#homesick #old-life #life

It would be wrong to refuse to face the fact that everything is fundamentally sick and sad.

Thomas Bernhard

#sadness #sickness #death

Sometimes there's nothing you can do. [...] Sometimes they don't have enough to fight with.

Tamora Pierce

#death #flick #helplessness #henna #illness

Done to death by slanderous tongue

William Shakespeare

#eulogy #insults-and-slander #death

When you live with a potentially life-threatening condition you get used to the thought of dying. You accept it, you push on. The thing that scared me was the picture of dying slowly and painfully, the loss of independence and identity to illness.

Josh Lanyon

#dying #fear #sickness #death

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