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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #temporary

If I let you go are you going to hit me again?” “What do you think?” “Then I’m not going to let you go.

Sarah Mayberry

#funny #humour #romance #funny

I wanted to give people - which is fairly bizarre considering my whole life is contemporary dance really - I wanted to give people a really fulfilling sense that they had seen a white classical ballet - in a very pure form.

Graeme Murphy

#bizarre #classical #considering #contemporary #dance

Contemplation of life after retirement and life after death can help you deal with contemporary challenges.

Russell M. Nelson

#challenges #contemplation #contemporary #deal #death

He’s been a bit grumpy since Potato Day.’ She heard Gethin choke back a laugh. ‘He set up an all-day workshop on all things potato after reading up about successful winter events at other nurseries,’ she went on, unable to hide her own amusement. ‘It was a terrible failure. Hardly anyone turned up apart from our poet, Wilfie, who wrote a Potat-Ode to celebrate the occasion.

Christine Stovell

#romantic-comedy #romantic

She had offered to drive, not least because it would have given her some control over the evening, but Gethin had raised an eyebrow and told her he liked a more comfortable ride. She assumed it was a reference to her van rather than some frank over-sharing.

Christine Stovell

#romantic-comedy #romantic

Coralie Casey was the kind of woman calories were made for; that dewy peaches-and-cream complexion, glossy cherry lips, the succulence of her body beneath that orange, silky dress. A cornucopia of curves, you could say, except it was probably better not to think about horns of plenty.

Christine Stovell

#romantic-comedy #romantic

[while dancing] The man who was supposed to be her new partner had taken the caller’s final instruction to extremes. From the way Adam’s mouth was locked against Kitty’s he seemed to be anticipating not a temporary split but a lengthy separation. More of a French Fancy than a farmer’s fancy, thought Coralie.

Christine Stovell

#romantic-comedy #romantic

Currently under FCC policy, indecency determinations hinge on two factors. First, material must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. Second, the material must be patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium.

Doug Ose

#broadcast #community #contemporary #currently #depict

As a major contemporary composer, Madonna should not let the eye dictate to the ear.

Camille Paglia

#contemporary #dictate #ear #eye #madonna

Perhaps there is no greater issue facing contemporary women than the choices they must make about balancing home and work.

Camille Paglia

#balancing #choices #contemporary #facing #greater

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