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A science is any discipline in which the fool of this generation can go beyond the point reached by the genius of the last generation.

Max Gluckman

#beyond #discipline #fool #generation #genius

I can’t fight this feeling any longer And yet I’m still afraid to let it flow What started out as friendship, has grown stronger I only wish I had the strength to let it show I tell myself that I can’t hold out forever I said there is no reason for my fear Cause I feel so secure when we’re together You give my life direction You make everything so clear



[It] began to seem amazing how often it was assumed that having a vagina automatically meant I was less intelligent, talented, capable, and interesting than the world's least interesting human being who happened to have a penis.

Francine Prose

#essay #feminisim #intelligence

Sometimes it seems the universe wants to be noticed.' That's what I believe. I believe the universe wants to be noticed. I think the universe is improbably biased toward consciousness, that it rewards intelligence in part because the universe enjoys its elegance being observed. And who am I, living in the middle of history, to tell the universe that it-or my observation of it-is temporary?

John Green

#my-god #not-really #this #this-is-life #this-right-here

Too late, I found you can't wait to become perfect, you got to go out and fall down and get up with everybody else.

Ray Bradbury

#life #perfect #perfection #something-wicked-this-way-comes #life

I wish I could explain how I feel, but nothing can explain this moment. Not a vase of stars. Not a book. Not a song. Not even a poem. Nothing can explain the moment when the woman you would give your life for sees her daughter for the very first time.

Colleen Hoover

#this-girl #life

Renovate your life, the old myths say, and the universe is yours.

Wally Lamb


Sometimes silence means more than words filled with pity and regret. He squeezes my hand, and I know that is his way of saying that I’m not alone. That even though he doesn’t know what it feels like to be me, because I hurt, he hurts. For the first time in my life, I find a great deal of comfort knowing that I don’t have to carry this burden alone anymore.

J.B. McGee

#forgiven #gabby-gerhart #gabriella-gerhard #this-series #life

You remember I had a strong inclination all my life to be a painter. Under different circumstances I would rather have been a painter than to bother with these god-damn words. I never actually thought of myself as a poet but I knew I had to be an artist in some way.

William Carlos Williams

#kora-in-hell #modernist-poets #red-wheel-barrow #this-is-just-to-say #life

I would live forever if I could, but not like this.

Gary Young

#gary-young #immortality #live #live-forever #not-like-this

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