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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #wish

Mohammad never assigned himself a status more than a common man and a messenger of God. People had faith in him when he was surrounded by poverty and adversity and trusted him while he was the ruler of a great Empire. He was a man of spotless character who always had confidence in himself and in God's help. No aspect of his life remained hidden nor was his death a mysterious event.

M.H. Hyndman

#atheist #christian #confidence #death #empire

Well, that dog was all Diamond had. When you love something, you can’t just sit by and not do anything.’ ‘I suppose it may be God’s way of telling us to love people while they’re here, because tomorrow they may be gone. I guess that’s a pretty sorry answer, but I’m afraid it’s the only one I’ve got.’ ‘You’re wise beyond your years. And what you say makes perfect sense. But I think when it comes to matters of the heart, perfect sense may be last thing you want to listen to.’ - Cotton Longfellow

David Baldacci

#wish-you-well #love

In the meantime, I’ll wish it upon a star.'- Michael Cooper

Julie Ann Knudsen

#hope #love #star #wish #love

Making wishes on the elephant is emotionally dangerous, because inevitably one's hopes rise abnormally high, unhealthily high, and when the wish does not come true, one's high hopes get crushed more painfully than if one had not asked for the help of supernatural powers. Therefore, one should always try to make the wish casually and forget about it instantly after making it, which is what I try to do now.

Amanda Filipacchi


The word of Mohammad is a voice direct from nature's own heart - all else is wind in comparison.

Thomas Carlyle

#carlyle #change #christian #comparison #direction

Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.

T.S. Eliot

#truth #wishes #bad

If we ask, we should also be prepared to give.

Stephen Richards

#law-of-attraction #manifestation #manifesting #mind-power #money

My life changed the day I moved beyond just wishing for things and I started earning them. That is the day I learned that we don't get what we wish for, we get what we work for.

Steve Maraboli

#earning #learning #life #success #wish

[T]he whole point is the wishing and remembering--not if what you want happens, not if remembering hurts. Because when you wish for something, you're askin. And when you ask, you're trying. And all anyone can do really is try, right?

Melissa Senate

#trying #wishes #wishing #love

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