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prank calls

The Donation

Your donation is highly anticipated.

Prank Call Scenario
#funny #male #donation #donate #crazy #wtf

Hello, this is Max Prince from the ‚You Wish‘ organization. · I am just calling in to remind you to bring in the donation today. · Pardon? · The donation you signed up for three weeks ago? · We were told you would stop by today. · What? · Our records state that you wanted to … create … the donation at home. · Sorry? · Can you drop it off later today, please? · There are people waiting here to use your … produce. · Please hurry up!

Use this call prank

It is very easy to send this call prank to your friends. The prank will be received with a three-second break after each sentence; this creates the illusion of a real conversation for the recipient. Need some more interactions? Try out the interactive prank mode for sending audio pieces at a certain time when your prank call is connected.

Who will get this prank call scenario? Attention, do not enter the country code manually! Sender and recipient should not be the same. Double check if you set the right recipient number.

Hide your caller ID to create an anonymous call (Unknown Caller ID)

Drag & Drop selected sounds for playback order

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50 credits for sending this prank call scenario 50 credits for sending this prank call scenario

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