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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #artist

I am a person before I am anything else. I never say I am a writer. I never say I am an artist...I am a person who does those things.

Edward Gorey

#work #artists

Emerald green eyes studied us from a face that could have been sculpted by one of the classical artists I so admired. Shocked, I dismissed the comparison as soon as it popped into my head. This was a vampire, after all. It was ridiculous to admire him the way I would some hot human guy.

Richelle Mead

#sydney-sage #artists

Why am I good to you?” he repeated, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke. “Because I can see you are broken. And I want nothing more than to put you back together.

Karina Halle


Conform, go crazy, or become an artist.

Nancy Springer

#originality #artists

As Gill says, "every man is called to give love to the work of his hands. Every man is called to be an artist." The small family farm is one of the last places - they are getting rarer every day - where men and women (and girls and boys, too) can answer that call to be an artist, to learn to give love to the work of their hands. It is one of the last places where the maker - and some farmers still do talk about "making the crops" - is responsible, from start to finish, for the thing made. This certainly is a spiritual value, but it is not for that reason an impractical or uneconomic one. In fact, from the exercise of this responsibility, this giving of love to the work of the hands, the farmer, the farm, the consumer, and the nation all stand to gain in the most practical ways: They gain the means of life, the goodness of food, and the longevity and dependability of the sources of food, both natural and cultural. The proper answer to the spiritual calling becomes, in turn, the proper fulfillment of physical need.

Wendell Berry

#farming #love #spirituality #work #family

Innocence was gone from all our acts. Our habitual state of rebellion became a serious political crime.

Anaïs Nin

#artists #jay #rebellion #love

A poet should be so crafty with words that he is envied even for his pains.

Criss Jami

#adversity #artist #craftiness #craftsmanship #crafty

It is the artist who tries to gradually accustom people to the possibilities of a better state of things.

C.A. Dawson Scott

#change #creative-vision #creativity #human-nature #world-community

I have wanted to be a fine artist painter, and I reached the point in art schools were I'd like to understand more about images and how images communicate information to people. And I was not getting very far in that from my professors.

John Hench

#art #artist #communicate #far #fine

I used to always read my stuff. And I could never understand why artists would say, 'Oh, I can't read my older stuff.' I'd go, 'Are you crazy? I could read my stuff forever!' Now it's a little harder.

Jaime Hernandez

#artists #could #crazy #forever #go

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