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I'm like Cab Calloway: I love the entertainment, and I've loved entertaining people ever since I was little.

Wyclef Jean

#calloway #entertaining #entertaining people #entertainment #ever

How about we really steal Brittany's thunder by giving the London paparazzi an exclusive?" "What sort of exclusive?" "Let's show them how much I love Morgan Abbot." "Love?" Was I really hearing this? "You... are in love with me?" "Totally. One hundred percent head over heels in love with you, Morg. Have been ever since you led me on that goofy chase around the White House.

Cassidy Calloway

#romance #secrets-of-a-first-daughter #love

And don't stress about the trip. We'll find some alone time in London," he continued, bending his head closer to mine. "Nothing keeps 007 from romancing a beautiful woman.

Cassidy Calloway

#romance #secrets-of-a-first-daughter #beauty

So we see Edward as a young man on the road and he meets a giant and he brings the giant to a circus where he meets a Miss Calloway. He sees the woman of his dreams and I am the only one who knows who she is.

Danny DeVito

#brings #calloway #circus #dreams #edward

Wouldst like to con a glimmer with me this early black?’, which he [Cab Calloway] helpfully explains as ‘the proper way to ask a young lady to go to the movies’. It should be noted here, that if the object of your affections replies ‘Kill me’, they are not requesting to be euthanatised and you should not actually murder them. Kill me is merely the Cab Calloway way of saying ‘Show me a good time’ and is the best response you could have hoped for. Jive was rather confusing in this way.

Mark Forsyth

#hepster #jive #movies

Hey, Max," I whispered. "I love you, too." The smile that lit up his face was brighter than the neon lights radiating from the London Eye. But mine felt even brighter. Like my future.

Cassidy Calloway

#romance #secrets-of-a-first-daughter #love

I was still in school at the time and Cab was very popular and everybody was doing Cab Calloway so I did.

Billy Eckstine

#calloway #did #doing #everybody #i

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