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Desperate and so lonely, I've looked for you. And left behind all that I had ever longed for. Cold winds scream through my ears like a banshee. A freezing chill- A pain that still will forever haunt me. Yet I have made it here Running through all the fear. The sadness in my heart retains the pain. And if I fall, I've learned That I may not return. None of my love remains. Yet I have made it here. Make this pain disappear. My one and only, Prince Charming. And still I wonder, why can't I even dream? Tears fall like a rainstorm I barely see. A twisted grin broken within. Am I going crazy? Yet I have made it here Bearing this love, my dear. Bearing the weight of it upon my knees. And if I scream your name It's not returned in same I bed, forget me please. Yet I have made it here. Make this pain disappear. My one and only, Prince Charming. And still I wonder, why can't I even dream? And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?

Megurine Luka

#vocaloid #dreams

Most people don't know that wrestling came out of the circus.

Billy Corgan

#circus #know #most #out #people

Sometimes I think God wants there to be a circus so we can show there's another way to respond.

Tony Dungy

#another way #circus #god #i #i think

Animal abuse is rampant in the U.S., right under everyone's eyes, for the entertainment of the public. The brutal confinement and pain of training methods of wild animals in the circus, the aquatic and theatrical shows, leads to retaliation by the animals. Eventually they find the right time to strike out, and they will.

Tippi Hedren

#animal #brutal #circus #confinement #entertainment

In Roslyn, Pennsylvania, we started our real-life family circus. They provided the inspiration for my cartoons. I provided the perspiration.

Bil Keane

#circus #family #i #inspiration #our

Many of the network television shows have done takeoffs on 'Family Circus,' including 'David Letterman,' 'Friends,' 'Roseanne,' and others, and, in my estimation the use of them is a compliment to the popularity of the feature, which just by mentioning it's name sets up the image of a warm, loving family-type feature.

Bil Keane

#compliment #david #david letterman #done #estimation

Damn everything but the circus.

Corita Kent

#damn #everything

It would've been hard to do something else, to as it were, run away from the circus and become an accountant.

Samuel West

#away #become #been #circus #else

The finished clock is resplendent. At first glance it is simply a clock, a rather large black clock with a white face and a silver pendulum. Well crafted, obviously, with intricately carved woodwork edges and a perfectly painted face, but just a clock. But that is before it is wound. Before it begins to tick, the pendulum swinging steadily and evenly. Then, then it becomes something else. The changes are slow. First, the color changes in the face, shifts from white to grey, and then there are clouds that float across it, disappearing when they reach the opposite side. Meanwhile, bits of the body of the clock expand and contract, like pieces of a puzzle. As though the clock is falling apart, slowly and gracefully. All of this takes hours. The face of the clock becomes a darker grey, and then black, with twinkling stars where numbers had been previously. The body of the clock, which has been methodically turning itself inside out and expanding, is now entirely subtle shades of white and grey. And it is not just pieces, it is figures and objects, perfectly carved flowers and planets and tiny books with actual paper pages that turn. There is a silver dragon that curls around part of the now visible clockwork, a tiny princess in a carved tower who paces in distress, awaiting an absent prince. Teapots that pour into teacups and minuscule curls of steam that rise from them as the seconds tick. Wrapped presents open. Small cats chase small dogs. An entire game of chess is played. At the center, where a cuckoo bird would live in a more traditional timepiece, is the juggler. Dress in harlequin style with a grey mask, he juggles shiny silver balls that correspond to each hour. As the clock chimes, another ball joins the rest until at midnight he juggles twelve balls in a complex pattern. After midnight, the clock begins once more to fold in upon itself. The face lightens and the cloud returns. The number of juggled balls decreases until the juggler himself vanishes. By noon it is a clock again, and no longer a dream.

Erin Morgenstern

#change #clock #dream #fantasy #night-circus

Japanese had never seen a Western-style circus, and most of them had probably never seen foreigners, either.

Frederik L. Schodt

#culture #history #japan #performing-arts #art

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