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I will not let anything hurt you,” Balik promised. “I will not let anything come between us,” I replied with my own whispered oath. “You and me,” Balik smiled a little. “Always,” I agreed as I reached up to draw his face to mine and pressed my lips onto his.

Melanie Cusick-Jones

#cassie #love #love

CASSIE: Please stay, bound or not, you are my sister. You are the only family I have left. DIANA: No matter where I go, that is never gonna change. But I have got to get our of here. I've lost everything. I don't even know who I am any more.

L.J. Smith

#diana-meade #secret-circle #change

We'd stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first. You'd think that would make us feel brave and invincible. It didn't.

Rick Yancey

#apocalypse #cassie #death #fiction #horror

Pritkin, it’s a hotel room, not a death trap!” A glance over his shoulder showed him impatient blue eyes under a fall of messy blond curls. “Anyway, you’re here.” “I can’t protect you from everything,” he forced himself to say, because it was true. It was also frankly terrifying in a way that his own mortality was not. He’d never had children, but he sometimes wondered if this was how parents felt when catching sight of a fearless toddler confidently heading toward a busy street. Not that his charge was a child, as he was all too uncomfortably aware. But the knowledge of just how many potentially lethal pitfalls lay in her path sometimes caused him that same heart-clenching terror. And the same overwhelming need to throw her over his lap and spank the living daylights out of her, he thought grimly, when she suddenly popped out of existence. “Cassie!

Karen Chance

#cassie #cassie-palmer #funny #pritkin #business

Each night I lie and dream about the one Who kissed me and awakened my desire I spent a single hour with him alone And since that hour, my days are layed with fire.

L.J. Smith

#lust #obsession #yearning #dreams

I stared at him, unable to believe this was happening. That he could just disappear, along with everything rich and strange he’d brought into my life. Vanished, like magic.

Karen Chance

#pritkin #life

Cassie's Rules for a Happy Life: #1 - Don't Lie #2 - Don't Cheat #3 - Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep #4 - Don't Say Things You Don't Mean

J. Sterling

#jsterling #theperfectgame #life

I felt betrayed and absolutely livid, but my body wasn’t smart enough to know it. It had liked the feel of his hands, wanted more of it, wanted it now. It was almost like there were two of me, one who heartily approved of the mage and one who would have dearly loved to see him dead.

Karen Chance

#cassie #pritkin #love

Is this how humanity waves good-bye? Hell no.

Rick Yancey

#apocalypse #cassie #fiction #horror #humanity

He had the look of an atheist who’d just had a visit from God: stunned, disbelieving and faintly ill.

Karen Chance

#pritkin #pythia #atheist

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