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I'm trying to figure out how someone could live in a brothel for a month and not notice. You must be terribly dull-witted." Tessa glared. "If it helps at all, it seemed to be quite a high-class establishment. Nicely furnished, fairly clean..." "Sounds as if you've visited your fair share of brothels," Tessa said, sourly. "Making a study of them?" "More of a hobby," said Will, and smiled like a bad angel.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-angel #tessa-gray #the-infernal-devices #will-herondale #wit

Lord, you're Irish," said Will. "Can you make things that don't have potatoes in them? We had an Irish cook once when I was a boy. Potato pie, potato custard, potatoes with potato sauce...

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-prince #will #cooking

You said I am a good man," he said. "But I am not that good a man. And I am--I am catastrophically in love with you.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #the-infernal-devices #will-herondale #love

A clockwork heart can't replace the real thing.

Dru Pagliassotti

#love #steampunk #love

The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away.

Cassandra Clare

#magnus-bane #the-infernal-devices #magnus-bane

Sophie," he said, and when she gave him a stern look, he took a hasty swig of the posset. “Miss Collins. I have not yet had a chance to properly apologize to you, so let me take it now. Please forgive me for the trick I played on you with the scones. I did not mean to show you disrespect. I hope you do not imagine I think any less of you for your position in the household, for you are one of the finest and bravest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Cassandra Clare

#cassandra-clare #clockwork-princess #gideon-lightwood #infernal-devices #love

There ain't a man in the world cares about a woman's past until he's thinking of her in his future.

Dru Pagliassotti

#future #humor #past #reputation #romance

...In Paris she found Magnus, who was living in a garret apartment and paiting, an occupation for which he had no aptitude whatsoever. He let her sleep on a mattress by the window, and in the night, when she woke up screaming for Will, he came and put his arms around her, smelling of turpentine. "The first one is always the hardest," he said. "The first?" "The first one you love who dies," he said. "It gets easier, after.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #magnus-bane #tessa-gray #will-herondale #love

If you have a soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. Whatever the color, the shape, the design of the shade that conceals it, the flame inside the lamp remains the same. You are that flame.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-angel #jem #design

Their beauty had always seemed to him like the beauty of pressed flowers-lovely, but dead.

Cassandra Clare

#vampires #will-herondale #beauty

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