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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #conceptions

Education should prepare our minds to use its own powers of reason and conception rather than filling it with the accumulated misconceptions of the past.

Bryant H. McGill

#education #filling #minds #misconceptions #our

The delusions of self-love cannot be prevented, but intellectual misconceptions as to the means of achieving success may be corrected.

George Henry Lewes

#cannot #corrected #delusions #intellectual #may

SF has at least the advantage of not depending on preconceptions.

John Sladek

#depending #least #preconceptions #sf

I think that the present is worth attention, one shouldn't sacrifice it to future conceptions of, of this future or that future.

Tom Stoppard

#conceptions #future #i #i think #present

You must surrender whatever preconceptions you have about music if you're really interested in it.

Cecil Taylor

#interested #music #must #preconceptions #really

I believe that life is chaotic, a jumble of accidents, ambitions, misconceptions, bold intentions, lazy happenstances, and unintended consequences, yet I also believe that there are connections that illuminate our world, revealing its endless mystery and wonder.

David Moranis

#also #believe #bold #chaotic #connections

What do I need to do to get you to trust me?   What do you want from me?”   He yells. I steel myself and look up into his panicked eyes and fight the pull I feel at coming in contact with those sapphires again.   “Nothing! I don’t want anything from you!”   I shout out the biggest lie I have ever told in my entire life.   Connor’s eyes widen at my words and his face falls, every ounce of fire gone from his gaze.   He backs away then smiles weakly at me. “Well, Merry Fucking Christmas Nina, because you have it all anyway.

Devon Herrera

#misconceptions #life

Assumptions are dangerous things to make, and like all dangerous things to make -- bombs, for instance, or strawberry shortcake -- if you make even the tiniest mistake you can find yourself in terrible trouble. Making assumptions simply means believing things are a certain way with little or no evidence that shows you are correct, and you can see at once how this can lead to terrible trouble. For instance, one morning you might wake up and make the assumption that your bed was in the same place that it always was, even though you would have no real evidence that this was so. But when you got out of your bed, you might discover that it had floated out to sea, and now you would be in terrible trouble all because of the incorrect assumption that you'd made. You can see that it is better not to make too many assumptions, particularly in the morning.

Lemony Snicket

#preconceptions #trouble

If men could see us as we really are, they would be a little amazed; but the cleverest, the acutest men are often under an illusion about women: they do not read them in a true light: they misapprehend them, both for good and evil: their good woman is a queer thing, half doll, half angel; their bad woman almost always a fiend.

Charlotte Brontë

#double-standards #empowerment #expectations #false-belief #feminism

[I]f you seek in every way to minimise my firm beliefs by your anti-feminist attacks, please recall that a small dagger or knife point can pierce a great, bulging sack and that a small fly can attack a great lion and speedily put him to flight.

Christine de Pizan

#beliefs #clichés #convictions #dignity #double-standards

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