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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #coyote

She tries to get a waitressing job for a while - I mean, she's looking for a while before she finds Coyote Ugly - and it's hard to get a waitressing job in the city.

Piper Perabo

#city #coyote #finds #get #hard

Many of our soldiers are stationed at Camp Coyote just south of the Iraqi border. This is how you know we have a strong army, when you can actually tell your enemy exactly where your camp is and what its name is.

Jon Stewart

#army #border #camp #coyote #enemy

I was really interested in meeting Peter Coyote.

Joel Gretsch

#i #interested #meeting #peter #really

Coyote never loses. Because I change the rules of the games my enemies play. What are the rules of your game?

Patricia Briggs

#inspirational #change

We really have to get going," Sam said. "Can we leave the car here and pick it up later?" The monk said, "Does a dog have a Buddha nature?" Does a fish have a watertight asshole?" said Coyote.

Christopher Moore

#coyote-blue #dumb-questions #nature

Coyotes have the gift of seldom being seen; they keep to the edge of vision and beyond, loping in and out of cover on the plains and highlands. And at night, when the whole world belongs to them, they parley at the river with the dogs, their higher, sharper voices full of authority and rebuke. They are an old council of clowns, and they are listened to.

N. Scott Momaday

#dogs #nature #night #nature

Whenever the pressure of our complex city life thins my blood and numbs my brain, I seek relief in the trail; and when I hear the coyote wailing to the yellow dawn, my cares fall from me - I am happy.

Hamlin Garland

#am #blood #brain #cares #city

The Coyote is limited, as Bugs is limited, by his anatomy.

Chuck Jones

#bugs #coyote #his #limited

Coyotes move within a landscape of attentiveness. I have seen their eyes in the creosote bushes and among mesquite trees. They have watched me. And all the times that I saw no eyes, that I kept walking and never knew, there were still coyotes. When I have seen them trot away, when I have stepped from the floorboard of my truck, leaned on the door, and watched them as they watched me over their shoulders, I have been aware for that moment of how much more there is. Of how I have only seen only an instant of a broad and rich life.

Craig Childs

#coyote #nature #life

I was going to fight vampires, and my name wasn't Buffy--I was so screwed.

Patricia Briggs

#fae #mercy-thompson #urban-fantasy #vampires #werewolves

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