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At the art college in Edinburgh someone arranged for some London groups to come up and play. I was in a supporting band, with Bernie Green I think. Derek Bailey was one of the visiting musicians. He seemed to like my playing and asked me to come down to London.

Jamie Muir

#art #art college #asked #bailey #band

Derek Jeter used to come to me and try to tell you what Joe Torre is all about, he's a good man, he's this, he's that, but like I tell Derek Jeter, that's you. It's one thing that they treat you a certain way; you don't feel what other people feel.

Gary Sheffield

#about #certain #certain way #come #derek

The first memory I have was my sisters dancing to the radio when they played records by Benny Goodman and Harry James and of the sort. But the record that got me was a record by Derek Sampson, who was a young guy, called 'Boogie Express,' and it was boogie-woogie. Really, it was on fire, and that got me.

Jerry Leiber

#boogie #called #dancing #derek #express

A vision without a plan is fantasy. A plan without a vision is mediocrity.  Believing 'God will do it for you' is magical thinking. Believing you can do it yourself is the ultimate arrogance. Plan your life as if you're doing the work -- but live your life as if God is.

Derek Rydall

#emergence #law-of-emergence #selfhelp #spirituality #life

You cannot make a demand on your life that exceeds your belief about it. Your belief is creating a personal law. It’s not the truth, but a lie believed will act like a law until it’s neutralized.

Derek Rydall

#emergence #law-of-emergence #selfhelp #spirituality #life

44. What do you care about deeply? What would you dedicate your life to if you could? What would you die for? What we feel strongest about, what we tend to argue, defend, or fight for — all of these are indications of our purpose, our message, and our talent. The things that move us to our core — the things that make us angry, sad, or elated — contain clues to what we’ll find the most joy, fulfillment, and true success expressing in our work.

Derek Rydall

#emergence #law-of-emergence #selfhelp #spirituality #life

As you become more rooted inside -- as you drink from this silent stream of life that runs beneath the surface of everything -- as you live from that depth of your own being more and more, then you’ll be able to rise taller and stronger in this world; more than you may have ever thought possible.

Derek Rydall

#emergence #law-of-emergence #selfhelp #spirituality #life

The way you kiss, the way you sing. The way you tell me everything. Will you take my heart? i´m offering it to you...

Angela Morrison

#derek #love #singing #love

We'll meet you here. Hopefully everyone will be in human form." A wry smile. "Though I'll warn you, he's not a whole lot more pleasant that way. At least as a wolf, he can't talk.

Kelley Armstrong

#derek-rydall #funny #funny

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit," Valkyrie said. China glanced at her. "They've obviously never met me.

Derek Landy

#humor #sarcasm #skuldugerry-pleasant #wit #humor

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