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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #desires

Inside of all of us there is the need and the desire to be heard, to have our innermost thoughts, feelings and desires expressed for others to hear, to see and to understand. We all want to matter to someone, to leave a mark. Writers just take those thoughts, feelings and desires and express them in such a way that the reader not only reads them but feels them as well.

Vicktor Alexander

#expression #feelings #legacy #life #writers

Start living by taking back the control of your life now! Create a life more in tune with your true desires.

Steven Redhead

#create #life #living #taking-back #true-desires

One loves ultimately one's desires, not the thing desired.

Friedrich Nietzsche

#desires #love

He treasured her, treasured her tears, treasured her love for others. Her heart might even be big enough to fill that empty space in his own chest. Perhaps she could be his heart as well.

Elizabeth Hoyt

#mickey #scandalous-desires #love

He grunted and stirred, withdrawing from her. She only had a moment to be disappointed and then he flipped her to her back and rose over her, powerful and male. He casually parted her legs with his knees and thrust into her again, hot and hard. She gasped at the swift invasion, the lovely feeling, and then his face was next to hers, his big palms cradling her cheeks. “What I want,” he drawled, “is ye. Nothin’ else.

Elizabeth Hoyt

#mickey #oh-gawd-hawt #scandalous-desires #silence #love

Mickey cursed under his breath, letting his head fall back against the wall. His c*ck still beat angrily against his clothing. Once he would’ve simply sent for a whore. Now that thought was oddly unsatisfying. He could have a willing woman, a woman who would do anything he might request of her, even the most exotic acts of sex, but instead his flesh wanted just one woman. A woman who was as fierce in her maternal love as he had been as a boy in his will to survive.

Elizabeth Hoyt

#mickey #scandalous-desires #love

Will ye be wantin’ this now, madam?” “Yes, please,” she whispered. She wanted to engrave the sight of him thus, about to make love to her, in her mind.

Elizabeth Hoyt

#mickey #oh-gawd-hawt #scandalous-desires #silence #love

Because of my wealth thinkest thow I may gratify every desire? 'Tis a false idea. There are limits to my time. There are limits to my strength. There are limits to the distance I may travel. There are limits to what I may eat. There are limits to the zest with which I may enjoy.

George S Clason

#limitations #money #money

You are one corrupt, perfectly white flower, yearning for its own reflection, in the calm waters


#corrupt #desires #flower #manga #reflection

I never get writer's block. My secret...I have purring cats in surround sound while I white noise on the planet." R.Rose when asked how she deals with writer's block.

R. Rose

#fantasy #legacy-novel #paranormal #quotes #r-rose

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