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Hideki Tojo

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I would point out that the cultural advance of these people has been suppressed in the past and continues to be suppressed in the present by policies designed to keep them in ignorance.

— Hideki Tojo

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At the Imperial Conference on December 1, it was decided to make war against England and the United States.

— Hideki Tojo

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During this period, Japan's peaceful commercial relations were successively obstructed, primarily by the American rupture of commercial relations, and this was a grave threat to the survival of Japan.

— Hideki Tojo

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I would point out that Japan's proposal at the Versailles Peace Conference on the principle of racial equality was rejected by delegates such as those from Britain and the United States.

— Hideki Tojo

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It goes without saying that when survival is threatened, struggles erupt between peoples, and unfortunate wars between nations result.

— Hideki Tojo

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Nevertheless, China was unfortunately unable to understand Japan's real position, and it is greatly to be regretted that the Sino-Japanese War became one of long duration.

— Hideki Tojo

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The reason was the failure of both Japan and China to understand each other and the inability of America and the European powers to sympathize, without prejudice, with the peoples of East Asia.

— Hideki Tojo

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To advocate a New Order was to seek freedom and respect for peoples without prejudice, and to seek a stable basis for the existence all peoples, equally, and free of threats.

— Hideki Tojo

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With options thus foreclosed, in order to protect and defend the nation and clear the obstacles that stood in its path, a decisive appeal to arms was made.

— Hideki Tojo

#arms #clear #decisive #defend #made

About Hideki Tojo

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Many historians criticize the work done by General Douglas MacArthur and his staff to exonerate Emperor Hirohito and all members of the imperial family from criminal prosecutions. Tōjō was promoted to Chief of Staff of the Kwangtung Army in 1937. Tōjō was tried by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East for war crimes and found guilty of the following:[citation needed]
Count 1 (waging wars of aggression and war or wars in violation of international law)
Count 27 (waging unprovoked war against the Republic of China)
Count 29 (waging aggressive war against the United States of America)
Count 31 (waging aggressive war against the British Commonwealth of Nations)
Count 32 (waging aggressive war against the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Count 33 (waging aggressive war against the French Republic)
Count 54 (ordering authorizing and permitting inhumane treatment of Prisoners of War (POWs) and others)

Hideki Tōjō accepted full responsibility in the end for his actions during the war and made this speech:

Tōjō was sentenced to death on 12 November 1948 and executed by hanging 41 days later on 23 December 1948.

As Prime Minister he was directly responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to the war between Japan and the United States although planning for it had begun before he entered office. Hideki Tōjō (Kyūjitai: 東條 英機; Shinjitai: 東条 英機; [About this sound] Tōjō Hideki (help·info)) (30 December 1884 – 23 December 1948) was a general of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) the leader of the Taisei Yokusankai and the 40th Prime Minister of Japan during most of World War II from 17 October 1941 to 22 July 1944.

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