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It is the mundanes who look at me and see something they do not understand—a boy who is not quite white and not quite foreign either." "Just as I am not human, and not demon either," Tessa said softly. His eyes softened. "You are human," he said. "Never think you are not. I have seen you with your brother; I know how you care for him. If you can feel hope, guilt, sorrow, love—then you are human.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-angel #jem-carstairs #tessa-gray #the-infernal-devices #love

For this I would have been damned forever. For this I would have given up everything.

Cassandra Clare

#love #shadowhunters #the-infernal-devices #tid #will-herondale

Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #jem-carstairs #tessa-gray #the-infernal-devices #will-herondale

He wanted to run to her, wrap her in his arms. Protect her. But it was Jem’s place to do those things, not his. Not his.” -Will Herondale

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #infernal-devices #jem-carstairs #love-triangle #tessa-gray

Wo ai ni, Tessa,” he whispered. “Wo bu xiang shi qu ni.” She knew, without knowing how she knew, what the words meant. I love you. And I don’t want to lose you.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-prince #infernal-devices #jem-carstairs #love #tessa-gray

If Jem dies, I cannot be with Tessa,” said Will. “Because it will be as if I were waiting for him to die, or took some joy in his death, if it let me have her. And I will not be that person. I will not profit from his death. So he must live.” He lowered his arm, his sleeve bloody. “It is the only way any of this can ever mean anything. Otherwise it is only —” “Pointless, needless suffering and pain? I don’t suppose it would help if I told you that was the way life is. The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away,” Magnus said. “I want more than that,” said Will. “You made me want more than that. You showed me I was only ever cursed because I had chosen to believe myself so. You told me there was possibility, meaning. And now you would turn your back on what you created.

Cassandra Clare

#clockwork-princess #magnus-bane #the-infernal-devices #will-herondale #death

It is better than going on loving someone who cannot love me back. Better wasting all that feelings" -Tessa gray

Cassandra Clare


Not all that is mortal is useless.

Cassandra Clare

#infernal-devices #tessa-gray #tessa-gray

Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.

Jean Arp

#after #back #contemplation #day #devices

Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.

Steve Jobs

#biggest #devices #goal #make #our

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