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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #ecstasy

Young kids are taking Viagra, ecstasy. They even want instant sex.

Tim Reid

#even #instant #kids #sex #taking

Absurdity is the ecstasy of intellectualism.

Criss Jami

#absurdity #art #artist #ecstasy #experiment

Between Ennui and Ecstasy unwinds our whole experience of time.

Emil Cioran

#ecstasy #ennui #time #experience

To the non-initiate, whose experience of sexuality and bodily pleasure may be distorted by negative cultural conditioning, the introduction of sexuality into a sacred context is often mistakenly misconstrued as the ordinary pursuit of sex for recreation.

Zeena Schreck

#initiation #materialism-versus-spiritualism #sexuality #shamanism #tantra

There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive. This ecstasy, this forgetfulness of living, comes to the artist, caught up and out of himself in a sheet of flame; it comes to the soldier, war-mad in a stricken field and refusing quarter; and it came to Buck, leading the pack, sounding the old wolf-cry, straining after the food that was alive and that fled swiftly before him through the moonlight.

Jack London

#ecstasy #life #food

I am too not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

Walt Whitman

#ecstasy #individuality #joy-of-life #life

It’s something useless, sudden, violent; something that costs a life; red, blue, purple; a spirit; a splash … free from taint, dependence, soilure of humanity or care for one’s kind; something rash, ridiculous… ecstasy — it’s ecstasy that matters.

Virginia Woolf


You are my angel and my damnation; in your presence I reach divine ecstasy and in your absence I descent to hell.

Isabel Allende

#angel #damnation #ecstasy #love #love

On the blue summer evenings, I will go along the paths, And walk over the short grass, as I am pricked by the wheat: Daydreaming I will feel the coolness on my feet. I will let the wind bathe my bare head. I will not speak, I will have no thoughts: But infinite love will mount in my soul; And I will go far, far off, like a gypsy, through the countryside - as happy as if I were a woman. "Sensation

Arthur Rimbaud

#nature #love

That's the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria!

Bill Watterson

#happiness #happy

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