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The bulk of the emails tend to come after a column. I can get about 2,000 after a column.

Nicholas D. Kristof

#after #bulk #column #come #emails

Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.

Marilyn vos Savant

#ability #because #cell #cell phones #disorganized

Well I'm a longtime AOL subscriber and I love the whole thing. I'm an email junkie and I love the internet, though 7th Heaven doesn't give me much free time to surf these days.

Stephen Collins

#days #email #free #free time #give

TO:[email protected]: Something's wrong! The house is shaking! TO:[email protected]: Well can you turn down the volume on Star Trek:Voyager? I thought we were having an earthquake when the Enterprise hit Warp speed. Why did you let me sleep until nearly one?

Robert Bryndza

#email #funny #star-trek-warp-speed #funny

Cellaholics are those who interrupt quality time when they are with you, but rather text, call, and email others who are somewhere else.

Jayce O'Neal

#drjayce #email #humor #jayce #jayceoneal

Subject: Get back to work Missy, You're distracting me from the very important topic of workplace safety. How would you feel if I improperly climbed a ladder due to not learning the proper procedure and then fell to my death? Always, The Boy You Dream About P.S. I'm also a lost prince from a faraway land. Want to do me now?

Chelsea M. Cameron


I've seen some great write ups and I emailed her the other night because I saw her on an awards show recently.

Nia Long

#because #emailed #great #her #i

The Blackberry is really essential for keeping up on my emails when I'm out of the office, which is a lot.

David Neeleman

#emails #essential #i #keeping #lot

Dear Ms. Lancaster, I fear your faith has been misplaced-but then, faith usually is. I cannot answer your questions, at least not in writing, because to write out such answers would constitute a sequel to An Imperial Affliction, which you might publish or otherwise share on the network that has replaced the brains of your generation. There is the telephone, but then you might record the conversation. Not that I don't trust you, of course, but I don't trust you. Alas, dear Hazel, I could never answer such questions except in person, and you are there while I am here. That noted, I must confess that the unexpected receipt of your correspondence via Ms. Vliegenthart has delighted me: What a wondrous thing to know that I made something useful to you-even if that book seems so distant from me that I feel it was written by a different man altogether. (The author of that novel was so thin, so frail, so comparatively optimistic!) Should you find yourself in Amsterdam, however, please do pay a visit at your leisure. I am usually home. I wouold even allow you a peek at my grocery lists. Your most sincerely, Peter Van Houten c/o Lidewij Vliegenthart

John Green


From: Christian Grey Subject: &*%$&*&* Date: August 23 2011 11:23 To: Anastasia Grey Believe me when I say there are a great many things he'd like to do to your ass right now. Firing you is not one of them. Christian Grey CEO & Ass man, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

E.L. James

#anastasia #anastasia-grey #anastasia-steele #ass #assman

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