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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #empowerment

You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

Toni Morrison

#empowerment #flying #freedom #unburdening #weight

Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.

Michael A. Singer

#inspirational-life #inspirational-quotes #quotes-to-define-my-life #quotes-to-live-by #self-awareness

An afternoon drive from Los Angeles will take you up into the high mountains, where eagles circle above the forests and the cold blue lakes, or out over the Mojave Desert, with its weird vegetation and immense vistas. Not very far away are Death Valley, and Yosemite, and Sequoia Forest with its giant trees which were growing long before the Parthenon was built; they are the oldest living things in the world. One should visit such places often, and be conscious, in the midst of the city, of their surrounding presence. For this is the real nature of California and the secret of its fascination; this untamed, undomesticated, aloof, prehistoric landscape which relentlessly reminds the traveller of his human condition and the circumstances of his tenure upon the earth. "You are perfectly welcome," it tells him, "during your short visit. Everything is at your disposal. Only, I must warn you, if things go wrong, don't blame me. I accept no responsibility. I am not part of your neurosis. Don't cry to me for safety. There is no home here. There is no security in your mansions or your fortresses, your family vaults or your banks or your double beds. Understand this fact, and you will be free. Accept it, and you will be happy.

Christopher Isherwood

#desert #empowerment #environment #freedom #happiness

If [God] send me no husband, for the which blessing I am at him upon my knees every morning and evening ...

William Shakespeare

#blessings #empowerment #freedom #happiness #husbands

Literature for me… tries to heal the harm done by stories. (How much harm? Most of the atrocities of history have been created by stories, e.g., the Jews killed Jesus.) I follow Sartre that the freedom the author claims for herself must be shared with the reader. So that would mean that literature is stories that put themselves at the disposal of readers who want to heal themselves. Their healing power lies in their honesty, the freshness of their vision, the new and unexpected things they show, the increase in power and responsibility they give the reader.

Geoff Ryman

#freedom #freshness #healing #honesty #literature

Positive belief in yourself will give you the energy needed to conquer the world and this belief is the power behind all creation.

Stephen Richards

#mind-body-spirit #mind-power #money #motivational #new-age

Your past doesn't dictate what your future will be.

Jillian Bullock

#inspirational #memoir #inspirational

no need to remember anything as long as you say only the truth.

Toge Aprilianto

#self-empowerment #inspirational

Stand in Your Power: When a woman stands in her power and speaks her truth from the heart, it brings balance into the Universe and the opportunity to connect fully with Divine source

Teresa Proctor

#inspirational #women #inspirational

Your only limitations are those that you impose upon yourself

Gary Hopkins

#empowerment #energy-healing #enlightenment #god #higher-self

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