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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #empty

...when I was little...I was out riding my brand-new blue bicycle...when I decided to see how far I could keep going...without looking back even once. I could feel with my back how my neighborhood was receding...further and further away...but I kept pedaling with all my might, my mind almost going blank. All I could hear was the sound of my own heart...thumping wildly in my ears. Even now, I remember it sometimes. What exactly...was I trying to do that day? What was it...that I wanted to prove...?'s no good. My mind just keeps fogging over. I have this irritating sound stuck in my head. What is it? This sound... Ohh. I know what it is. This is... the sound of emptiness.

Chica Umino

#empty #honey-and-clover #life #sadness #takemoto

It is desirable that a man live in all respects so simply and preparedly that if an enemy take the town... he can walk out the gate empty-handed and without anxiety.

Henry David Thoreau

#simple #simple-life #simple-living #simplicity #life

But I was young and didn’t know better and someone should have told me to capture every second every kiss & every night Because now I’m sitting here alone and it’s getting really hard to breath because tears are growing in my throat and they want to break out, but there are people watching and I just want to be somewhere silent somewhere still But still I don’t want to be alone because I’m scared and lonely and I don’t understand Because I was alone my whole life My whole life I was so damn lonely and I was content with that because I liked myself and my own company and I didn’t need anyone I thought But then there was you .. ... So, someone should have told me that love is for those few brave who can handle the unbearable emptiness, the unbearable guilt and lack of oneself, Because I lost myself to someone I love and I might get myself back one day but it will take time, it will take time. This is gonna take some time. I wish someone would have told me this. Someone should have told me this.

Charlotte Eriksson

#charlotte-eriksson #empty-roads-broken-bottles #heartbreak #in-search-for-the-great-perhaps #kiss

I just want to be someone, to mean something to anyone…

Charlotte Eriksson

#confused #empty-roads-broken-bottles #finding-yourself #lost #lyrics

You don't make your words true by embellishing them with religious lace. In making your speech sound more religious, it becomes less true.

Eugene H. Peterson

#empty-words #matthew #religion #religious #religion

I have lots of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night. It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don't worry. It's all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don't know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky way soft cloud innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere: Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That which passes into everything is one thing. It's a dream already ended. There's nothing to be afraid of and nothing to be glad about. I know this from staring at mountains months on end. They never show any expression, they are like empty space. Do you think the emptiness of space will ever crumble away? Mountains will crumble, but the emptiness of space, which is the one universal essence of mind, the vast awakenerhood, empty and awake, will never crumble away because it was never born.

Jack Kerouac

#born #die #empty #letter #mountain

For you the cup isn't half full or half empty, you're always topping it up.

Rowena Cory Daniells

#empty #optimism #pessimism #pessimism

My glass is not only half-empty, I'm convinced someone spit in it.

Judy Nichols

#hard-boiled-detective #pessimism #pessimism

If emptiness is empty, how can something be borne or awaken from it?

Dejan Stojanovic

#dejan-stojanovic #emptiness #empty #literature #literature-quotes

This world is run with far too tight a rein for luck to interfere. Fortune sells her wares; she never gives them. In some form or other, we pay for her favors; or we go empty away.

Amelia Barr

#empty #far #favors #form #fortune

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