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but nothing i ever gave was good for you; it was like white bread to goldfish. they cram and cram, and it kills them, and they drift in the pool, belly-up, making stunned faces and playing on our guilt as if their own toxic gluttony was not their own fault there you are, still outside the window, still with your hands out, still pallid and fish-eyed, still acting stupidly innocent and starved.

Margaret Atwood

#goldfish #love #starved #love

In the end, even the “yes” to love is a source of suffering, because love always requires expropriations of my “I”, in which I allow myself to be pruned and wounded. Love simply cannot exist without this painful renunciation of myself, for otherwise it becomes pure selfishness and thereby ceases to be love.

Pope Benedict XVI

#selfishness #suffering #love

Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.

Karl Lagerfeld

#care #caring #designer #ego #happiness

[On Schopenhauer in Black and White] Schopenhauer's views of love are flawed. Love can't be merely an illusion of the mind to aid in procreation, but the path to redemption for an otherwise violently selfish species. Past human greatness has proven that when challenged, love can overpower impulsive instinct, and in essence, the vilest aspects of our nature.

Tiffany Madison

#essence #flaw #human #human-condition #human-nature

To be wrecked begins with an experience that pulls you out of your comfort zone and self-centeredness, whether you want it or not.

Jeff Goins

#selfishness #wrecked #experience

I respect all the innocent souls because they are kind enough to forgive the selfish people around them.

Saurabh Sharma

#innocent #inspirational #selfishness #forgiveness

Life serves the food, and Death always shows up to the banquet, like an univited guest with nothing in hand to contribute, just to devour everything then leave.

Anthony Liccione

#death #devour #left-with-nothing #life #selfish

Her kiss could kill us, and my consent signed our death certificates, selfishly and without control. (Eric)

Shannon A. Thompson

#fiction #kiss #paranormal-romance #romance #selfish

You know, Emily was a selfish old woman in her way. She was very generous, but she always wanted a return. She never let people forget what she had done for them - and, that way she missed love.

Agatha Christie

#generosity #love #selfishness #love

Saying” I Love You” and acting “selfish

M.F. Moonzajer

#selfish #love

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