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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #selfish

Extreme nationalism and Bolshevism have broken up the old world, a new world is in the making. It is literally true that old things are passing away; all things may become new, granted we have wise, unselfish, and determined guides.

John Raleigh Mott

#away #become #bolshevism #broken #determined

Our true passions are selfish.


#passions #selfish #true

Selfish- a judgment readily passed by those who have never tested their own power of sacrifice.

George Eliot


Every new encounter provides a new mirror for me to view my own experiences through, and there is a level of selfishness during this period as I hunger to understand more about the girls' lives in order to understand mine. If I could figure out what had happened to them, perhaps I had a better chance of explaining it all to myself.

Rachel Lloyd

#girls #mirror #selfish #understand #experience

It was because all we wanted was each other's constant love and attention and for no one else to receive that love and attention, which is a selfish and difficult place to be in a relationship. We were emotionally retarded, and that was the best we could do at the time.

Anthony Kiedis

#love #relationship #selfish-love #selfishness #love

To Love oneself is Ok but,to love only oneself isn't!

Krishna Kumar Kanagal


Do everything that makes you happy"? Even if it means hurting somebody else?

Rea Erika Paraz Ebate

#humor #hurt #hurting #relationships #selfishness

You can share in my joy, but I don’t want to share my misery. No, I want to give away my misery. Go ahead, take it all.

Jarod Kintz

#humor #joy #miserable #misery #selfish

What Douglas had once seen as the attractive over-confidence of youth, now looked more like unyielding selfishness.

Len Deighton

#love #selfishness #ss-gb #youth #love

It is the philosophers, theologians, and evangelists who are said to be filled with pride and bigotry due to the strong convictions that they represent. On the contrary, teachings can be either taken or dismissed; whereas voting is the only thing the average person can do to force everyone to live how they would prefer. A simple vote is among the largest yet most acceptable forms of bigotry, and that is because people play the card only when they feel that in doing so it conveniences themselves.

Criss Jami

#bigotry #convenience #convictions #evangelists #hypocrisy

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