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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #gambling

Yes, I can understand that a man might go to gambling table - when he sees that all that lies between himself and death is his last crown

Honoré de Balzac

#gambling #rousseau #death

Gambling is an act of faith of gamblers. Prophecy is an act of faith of the saints.

Toba Beta

#gambling #prophecy #faith

I used to go to Vegas and play the horses, and then I realised how ridiculous that was. There is no winning in gambling, but there is on the stock market.

Josh Brolin

#go #horses #how #i #market

You never know beforehand what people are capable of, you have to wait, give it time, it's time that rules, time is our gambling partner on the other side of the table and it holds all the cards of the deck in its hand, we have to guess the winning cards of life, our lives.

José Saramago

#life-and-living #time #time-passing #life

Maybe the difference between first marriage and second marriage is that the second time at least you know you are gambling.

Elizabeth Gilbert

#marriage #marriage

One way, he thought, the whole thing of ring fighting was hurting somebody else, deliberately, and particularly when it was not necessary. Two men who have nothing against each other get in a ring and try to hurt each other, to provide vicarious fear for people with less guts than themselves. And to cover it up they called it sports and gambled on it. He had never looked at that way before, and if there was any single thing he could not endure it was to be a dupe.

James Jones

#gambling #masculinity #men #sports #violence

Another mistaken notion connected with the law of large numbers is the idea that an event is more or less likely to occur because it has or has not happened recently. The idea that the odds of an event with a fixed probability increase or decrease depending on recent occurrences of the event is called the gambler's fallacy. For example, if Kerrich landed, say, 44 heads in the first 100 tosses, the coin would not develop a bias towards the tails in order to catch up! That's what is at the root of such ideas as "her luck has run out" and "He is due." That does not happen. For what it's worth, a good streak doesn't jinx you, and a bad one, unfortunately , does not mean better luck is in store.

Leonard Mlodinow

#luck #math #probability #statistics #math

I do not support gambling in this state.

Craig Benson

#i #i do #state #support

Gambling with cards or dice or stocks is all one thing. It's getting money without giving an equivalent for it.

Henry Ward Beecher

#dice #equivalent #gambling #getting #getting money

There is no gambling like politics.

Benjamin Disraeli

#like #politics

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