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The Dandy is the highest form of existence attainable by the human form. His life is exclusively dedicated to dressing exquisitely, parading about the fashionable boroughs of splendid cities and and holding forth at his club, where he dispenses witticism as readily as the vulgaroisie utters its banal platitudes. The only species of 'work' this singular Chap might engage in would consist of discussing buttonhole stitching with his tailor and performing his ablutions until the morning has been well aired enough for him to step into it.

Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood

#britain #chap #chappism #chaps #civility

What I will no longer accept is the mediocre life of a modest little gentleman.

Joan Miró

#gentleman #life #modest #life

Tam considers me a challenge. I consider Tam a work in progress. I also think there's a gentleman lurking under that calculating exterior. Tam thinks 'gentleman' is a dirty word. I talk dirty to Tam every chance I get.

Lisa Shearin

#humor #humor

I've got kids that enjoy stealing. I've got kids that don't think about stealing one way or the other, and I've got kids that just tolerate stealing because they know they've got nothing else to do. But nobody--and I mean nobody--has ever been hungry for it like this boy. If he had a bloody gash across his throat and a physiker was trying to sew it up, Lamora would steal the needle and thread and die laughing. He...steals too much.

Scott Lynch

#locke-lamora #stealing #thieves #tolerance

You are a bit like that painting, Minnow. Remember how lovingly and carefully formed you are. Your thoughts, your talents, your memories, your mistakes.... they all make the complete canvas of you. Even though others may mistake your worth, you must never value yourself any less.

Michelle Marcos

#romantic #love

The minute you try to talk business with him he takes the attitude that he is a gentleman and a scholar, and the moment you try to approach him on the level of his moral integrity he starts to talk business.

Raymond Chandler

#attitude #business #gentleman #him #his

Great men speak secrets about themselves with nods and gestures, walking away from jokes about women rather than condemn the jokester; if with a woman, the turning of their head during a nude scene in a movie speaking volumes about their character without ever saying a word. It is a language foreign to women, but those that take the time to learn it find themselves knowing more about their man than by any other means.

Lee Goff

#great-men #honor #inspirational #inspirational

A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.

Haruki Murakami

#gentleman #gentlemen #inspirational #manners #motivational

A gentleman would be ashamed should his deeds not match his words.

Kong Fu Zi

#deeds #gentleman #his #match #should

A gentleman is any man who wouldn't hit a woman with his hat on.

Fred Allen

#gentleman #hat #his #hit #man

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