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Since I was not able wholly to subscribe to any one set of beliefs advanced by any 'guru' I had to fall back on my own, however derivative.

Anthony Storr

#advanced #any #back #beliefs #derivative

Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.

Guru Nanak

#delusion #guru #live #man #none

I bow at His Feet constantly, and pray to Him, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Way.

Guru Nanak

#constantly #feet #guru #him #his

He was the editor of our paper. He created the publishing house in Hebrew. He was - I wouldn't say the "guru" - but really he was our teacher and a most respected man. I wrote for the paper of the youth movement.

Shimon Peres

#editor #guru #hebrew #house #i

I know the guru route, I know you go sit on a mountain. But screw India. I ain't going there.

Susan Powter

#going #guru #i #india #know

Something like Deckard Cain is great; it doesn't ruin your voice. But games that involve violence or battle or mutating and stuff like that really does take a toll on your voice. And I've even had to start to go to a voice guru kind of guy to do exercises to try to save and get back some of what I lost.

Michael Gough

#battle #cain #does #even #exercises

But then the subject turned to the spiritual life and Meg talked about her many visits to ashrams in India and her admiration for Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi. That got in the way, especially because he told her of his skepticism regarding the guru industry, and suggested she might profitably read Gita Mehta’s book Karma Cola. “Why are you so cynical?” she asked him, as if she genuinely wanted to know the answer, and he said that if you grew up in India it was easy to conclude that these people were fakes. “Yes, of course there are lots of charlatans,” she said, reasonably, “but can’t you discriminate?” He shook his head sadly. “No,” he said. “No, I can’t.” That was the end of their chat.

Salman Rushdie

#india #life

I keep hearing about a spiritual awakening, but I feel what we need instead is a human one. It would be wonderful and empowering to become free from the disillusionment and nonsense being sold to us from gurus for centuries.

Steve Maraboli

#humanity #life #nonsense #spirituality #experience

Don't wait for the right conditions. All you need for your growth is available to you in this moment.

Shri Radhe Maa

#radhe-maa #radhey-guru-maa #radhey-maa #spiritual-quotes #spiritual-growth

God and devotee are bound for ever in ropes of love.

Shri Radhe Maa

#radhe-maa #radhey-guru-maa #radhey-maa #spiritual-quotes #love

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