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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #healing

You are free to choose your own way of life, but you are not free to choose the results.

Herbert M. Shelton


Cutting out bad habits is far more effective than cutting out organs.

Herbert M. Shelton

#natural-hygiene #surgery #life

MOTHER – By Ted Kooser Mid April already, and the wild plums bloom at the roadside, a lacy white against the exuberant, jubilant green of new grass and the dusty, fading black of burned-out ditches. No leaves, not yet, only the delicate, star-petaled blossoms, sweet with their timeless perfume. You have been gone a month today and have missed three rains and one nightlong watch for tornadoes. I sat in the cellar from six to eight while fat spring clouds went somersaulting, rumbling east. Then it poured, a storm that walked on legs of lightning, dragging its shaggy belly over the fields. The meadowlarks are back, and the finches are turning from green to gold. Those same two geese have come to the pond again this year, honking in over the trees and splashing down. They never nest, but stay a week or two then leave. The peonies are up, the red sprouts, burning in circles like birthday candles, for this is the month of my birth, as you know, the best month to be born in, thanks to you, everything ready to burst with living. There will be no more new flannel nightshirts sewn on your old black Singer, no birthday card addressed in a shaky but businesslike hand. You asked me if I would be sad when it happened and I am sad. But the iris I moved from your house now hold in the dusty dry fists of their roots green knives and forks as if waiting for dinner, as if spring were a feast. I thank you for that. Were it not for the way you taught me to look at the world, to see the life at play in everything, I would have to be lonely forever.

Ted Kooser

#healing #loss #mothers #life

Healing can be a long and winding road or a straightforward march to the finish line.

Alice McCall

#health #journey #life #motivational #self-help

...I realized that rewards are not the goal- if one seeks the ultimate it will elude you. The reward is life itself, in its richness, in its sadness, and joy.

Valerie Ann Worwood

#healing-the-emotiinal-self #mind-body-spirit #life

If you desire truly to live you will cease trying to find magic tricks and short-cuts to life and learn the simple laws of being, and order your life in conformity with these. Realign your life with the laws of nature—this and this alone constitutes living to live.

Herbert M. Shelton

#natural-healing #natural-hygiene #life

Time and sunshine healed a sore, but the process was slow, and new boils appeared if I didn't stay dry.

Yann Martel

#life-of-pi #metaphor #pain #suffering #time

Frankl asserts that "the potentialities of life are not indifferent possibilities, but must be seen in the light of meaning and values." Such meaning and values cannot be imposed; each individual must seek out for himself or herself the meaning of each situation and the implications the present moment may have for the future.

William Blair Gould

#life #meaning #self #life

When someone says to us, as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests, "Darling, I care about your suffering," a deep healing begins.

Tara Brach

#empathy #healing #suffering #life

But this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.

Tara Brach

#self-care #life

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