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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #gypsy

I'm from a Gypsy background!


#gypsy #i

I need to keep traveling, being a gypsy, having experiences and writing about them.

Delta Goodrem

#being #experiences #gypsy #having #i

Finding her voice at last, she asked, “What dreams are you having, sir?” “I dreamt I was in a spring field and a woman stands in the shadows just at the edge of the nearby forest. I haven’t yet seen her face, only her long beautiful hair. I always wake too soon.” He reached up to touch the hawk touchstone around his throat as he described his dream, rubbing it absently between his fingers. Lily lowered her lashes to hide her astonishment. “When you see someone in a dream but cannot see their face, it means you haven’t met them yet,” she explained. “Then perhaps I’ll dream of her again tonight and this time I’ll see her face.” He smiled, reaching across the table to take her left hand and lift it to his lips. “My name is Ian Kelly, and it would give me the greatest pleasure to know yours.” “Lily Evans. Around here I go by Raven.” She raised a shoulder, indicating the gypsy tent. “Lily--indeed, a most beautiful name. Now tell me,” he stared pointedly at her hand, “I see no ring that another has claimed you as his, so my confidence is strengthened. Look at your cards again, milady, and tell me if you see me in your future…

Shannon MacLeod

#dreams #gypsy #irish #renaissance #romance

One of my favorite people is Gypsy Rose Lee. She bears out the Biblical promise that he who has, gets. And I hope she gets a lot more.

Hedy Lamarr

#favorite #favorite people #gets #gypsy #hope

My whole life was foretold to me. An old Romany gypsy read my fortune.

Maureen O'Hara

#fortune #gypsy #life #me #old

I like the gypsy aspect of this business.

Jimmy Smits

#business #gypsy #i #like

I'm a wandering gypsy.

Lady Gaga

#i #wandering

He says he thanks every star the we existed on the same clestial plain. But here we are on earth, dirty, well used, a man made throughaway for intersecting dreams.

Emma Forrest


But I could tell thee of other things, Inglés, and do not doubt what thou simply cannot see nor cannot hear. Thou canst not hear what a dog hears. Nor canst thou smell what a dog smells. But already thou hast experienced a little of what can happen to man.

Ernest Hemingway

#gypsy #human-experience #spirituality #experience

He's a gypsy killer. He has a special gypsy killing knife.

Coco J. Ginger

#breaking-up #breakups #broken-heart #broken-hearted #broken-hearted-quotes

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