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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #hate

Why, God? You made man in your own image. Why then do so many lack good sense? And why is that we are so easily drawn to hate and kill each other? Why, God?

Richard Puz

#faith-in-god #hate-crimes #hateful #haters #man

George was full of hatred. Of his own weakness and stupidity, of his magic, of the stubbornness and the pride of Beatrice and Marit, and, last of all, hatred of Dr. Gharn, who had started it all. But the hatred swayed to pity. Then to hopelessness. Then back to anger. Every once in a great while, he felt a moment of peace, usually when he caught a glimpse of Beatrice and Marit together. He loved them both in different ways. But that could not be. He turned away, and the cycle began again.

Mette Ivie Harrison

#conflicting-emotions #despair #emotional-upheaval #hate #love

Probably there is nothing in human nature more resonant with charges than the flow of energy between two biologically alike bodies, one of which has lain in amniotic bliss inside the other, one of which has labored to give birth to the other. The materials are here for the deepest mutuality and the most painful estrangement.

Adrienne Rich

#feuds #hate #love #mother #mothers-and-daughters

This story is about love, which means that it is also about hate.

Philip José Farmer

#love #story #love

And evolution or God or whatever arranged things genetically, to keep the little families going, to cheer them up, so that they could all have somebody to tell stories around the campfire at night, and somebody else to paint pictures on the walls of caves, and somebody else who wasn't afraid of anything and so on.

Kurt Vonnegut

#vonnegut #whatever #family

I love and if someone I love is hurt I'll kill the attacker and no one else, that is love. I hate and if I hate I'll kill their whole family to bring pain to that person, that is hate, In this way I do not think love and hate are the same side of a blade



And I don’t even like you, but the pain of life without you is biting.

Coco J. Ginger

#friendship #hate #jamie-weise #love #missing-you

I love fools who don't know they are fools but hate fools that know they are.



I'm going to put death in all their food and watch them die.

Shirley Jackson

#hate #poison #death

Religion is tied to the deepest feelings people have. The love that arises from that stewing pot is the sweetest and strongest, but the hate is the hottest, and the anger is the most violent.

Orson Scott Card

#love #philosophy #religion #anger

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