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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #historical

Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come for miles to watch you burn

Jo Ann Butler

#historical-fiction #natural-history #nature

Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums; others we take for walks.

Roger A. Caras


Roger speaking to Brianna: It's too important. You don't forget having a dad." You do remember your father?" No. I remember yours.

Diana Gabaldon


French Revolution- all them fellas the figgered her out got their heads chopped off. Always that way, jus as natural as rain. You didn't do it for fun no way. Doin' it cause you have to. Cause it's you. Look a Washington; Fit the Revolution an' after, them sons-a-bitches turned on him. An' Lincoln the same. Same folks yellin' to kill 'em. Natural as rain.

John T. Steinback


Though this marriage is a sham, what we share tonight will be real, my lady. I said I'd treat you wi' the same respect I'd show my own true bride, and I meant it. I'd no' be able to call myself a Scotsman if I let you walk across this threshold.

Pamela Clare

#romance #scotsman #marriage

Though his countenance was solemn, there was a glint of amusement in his eyes. "Major MacKinnon, won't you join us?" "But, my lord, he is clad in outlawed rebel attire. The Dress Act expressly forbids--" "I am not blind, Colonel, and I am familiar with our laws." Sarah fought back a smile. Colonel Haviland lowered his voice, leaned toward Uncle William. "He was invited to pay respects to your niece, my lord, and he has the gall to--" "I _am_ payin' my respects to the lass!" Connor's deep voice filled the room, cutting Colonel Haviland off altogether.

Pamela Clare

#scotsman #respect

But human beings are not machines, and however powerful the pressure to conform, they sometimes are so moved by what they see as injustice that they dare to declare their independence. In that historical possibility lies hope.

Howard Zinn

#conformity #declaration-of-independence #hope #individuality #non-conformity

She raised her head and saw a squadron of fighter planes. She stretched her hand high as if she could grab hold and climb away from what she had done, from who she was.

Sarah Sundin

#romance #world-war- #historical-romance

Dobro srce katkad je čovjeku i narodu jedini neprijatelj.

Marija Jurić Zagorka


Your breasts are alabaster orbs.' "What?" Rufus objected. "That's stupid. I'm not saying that." "Do you have some better suggestion?" "Why can't you just say she's got a fair set of titties?

Tessa Dare


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