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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #jealousy

love being such, or such, the normal corners of your heart will never guess how much my wonderful jealousy is dark

E.E. Cummings


When you live as I do, you cannot indulge in jealousy. If you do, it will rip you apart.

David Levithan


There's always this one girl. She's desperate and she's weird and she's jealous, and you're stuck with her, no matter how hard you try to get her off your back. Just throw some really fucked-up self-esteem issues into the mix and you have Kara.

Courtney Summers

#jealousy #self-esteem #jealousy

Don't waste your time with jealousy. Some times your ahead, some times your behind. The race is long and in the end, it's only with yourself.

Baz Luhrmann


...Ah, but the Moon my Love is jealous, and can you blame him? You outshine him with your virtues...

John Geddes

#love #moon #virtues #jealousy

You can TRUST you LOVE ONE, but not EVERYONE around them.


#love #trust #jealousy

For God's sake, let's take the word 'possess' and put a brick round its neck and drown it ... We can't possess one another. We can only give and hazard all we have.

Dorothy L. Sayers

#jealousy #love #possessiveness #jealousy

Once she was standing by her locker and her puka shells broke and scattered and she made a joke about it but he could tell she was upset. He wanted to buy her some more. He wanted to give her a million strands of little nesting polished shells, and tropical flowers and ice creams and lemonades and a pale blue surfboard to teach her to surf on and anything else she wanted. Instead he let his checkered Vans step on one of the rolling shells and crush it.

Francesca Lia Block

#envy #jealous #jealousy #jealousy

إن الغيرة تعرف أكثر مما تعرفه الحقيقة

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

#love #novel #jealousy

Rasa cemburu adalah obat yang lebih adiktif dan memuaskan daripada apa pun yang dikenal oleh umat manusia. Efeknya instan, menyambar kita lebih cepat daripada kilat, dan membuat kita mabuk dalam sekejap. Begitu kita berada di sana, teler berkat hal yang disebut kecemburuan ini, kita melihat kesempatan untuk curiga di mana-mana.

Dorothy Koomson

#love #jealousy

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