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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #jealousy

Jealousy is a disease, it's like a poison.

Francesca Marciano


I watched the jealousy between them grow, and felt it was none of my fault--only Momma's! As everything wrong in my life was her fault.

V.C. Andrews


There's more to people than some defined label," said Arcie. "There are more than straight good and evil, aye, even more than law or disorders or fence-sittin. There's prejudice, whimsey, affection, superstition, habit, upbringing, alliance, pride, society, morals, animosity, preference, values, religion, circumstance, humor, perversity, honor, vengeance, jealousy, frustration...hundreds o' factors, from the past and in every present moment, as decides what some one person'll do in an individious situation.

Eve Forward

#good #good-vs-evil #morality #jealousy

Kai neared his desk again, seeing that the fugitive's profile had been transferred to the screen. His frown deepened. Perhaps not dangerous, but young and inarguably good-looking. His prison photo showed him flippantly winking at the camera. Kai hated him immediately.

Marissa Meyer

#jealousy #prince-kai #thorne #jealousy

إن الغيرة تعرف أكثر مما تعرفه الحقيقة

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

#love #novel #jealousy

He didn't blame James for falling in love with her, she was a radiant, deserving woman. He knew, however, that love only did one thing. It got in the way.

Erin M. Truesdale

#love #jealousy

Rasa cemburu adalah obat yang lebih adiktif dan memuaskan daripada apa pun yang dikenal oleh umat manusia. Efeknya instan, menyambar kita lebih cepat daripada kilat, dan membuat kita mabuk dalam sekejap. Begitu kita berada di sana, teler berkat hal yang disebut kecemburuan ini, kita melihat kesempatan untuk curiga di mana-mana.

Dorothy Koomson

#love #jealousy

...there was a natural comorbidity between sexual appetite and sexual jealousy, between the desire to fuck and the desire to kill.

M. Thomas Gammarino

#sexuality #jealousy

Truly competent Literary Detectives are as rare as truthful men, Mr. Tweed -- you can see her potential as clearly as I can. Frightened of someone stealing your thunder, perhaps?

Jasper Fforde

#funny #jealousy #truth #jealousy

Kestilan?" There was that name again. Oliver fought down an irrational surge of jealousy for this mysterious being who took up so much of Petunia's attention.

Jessica Day George

#oliver #petunia #jealousy

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