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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #karma

This is your karma. You do not understand now, but you will understand later. The source of pain is within your own larger expression of being.

H. Raven Rose

#fortune #gypsy #karma #pain #tarot

But, mark my words; someday she'll get what's coming to her. Karma's a bigger bitch than she is,

Kathleen Brooks

#karma #kathleen-brooks #karma

The question is, If I killed your husband, would you seek revenge, or would you send me a Thank You card? I think I know the answer, so here is my address: Jarod Kintz 12321 Karma Circle, Jax, Fl 32223.

Jarod Kintz

#answer #gratitude #husband #kill #mail

Karma is a bitch.

V.K. Springs


many believe in karma but i take it to a whole different level.

Vincent Alexandria


You don't understand. I only prostitute the part of the body that isn't important, and nobody suffers except my karma a little bit. I don't do big harm. You prostitute your mind. Mind is seat of Buddha. What you do is very very bad. You should not use your mind in that way

John Burdett

#prostitution #the-mind #karma

In some darkened corner, an evil troll named Karma was rolling on the floor laughing, hysterically.

Belle Malory

#karma #kennedy #laughing #troll #karma

Every intentional thought, word, or deed-right now and in your past-it all makes you what you are today. Your choices, not your neighbor's or your wife's or you boyfriend's-your decisions determine your karma.

Lucie Smoker

#karma #lucie-smoker #karma

I stand up. Stretch my arms out wide to the empty horizon. Do not be afraid of limitless possibilities. The desert is infinite to the eye as love is to the heart.

Cathy Ostlere


We grow up opposing our parents only to become like them enough to oppose our children who behave as we once did—a reminder of how dreadful we were toward those now vindicated grandparents. And you thought God had no sense of humor.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#god #karma #learning #parenthood #parents

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