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My idols are Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Keaton, John Goodman. Maybe that's what I want for me.

Breckin Meyer

#i #idols #john #keaton #maybe

Without another word, he lifted her into the carriage and drove her home. He seemed impervious to the cold shoulder she gave him, which irritated her almost as much as the knowing way he had looked at her when he had kissed her senseless. In fact, although his face was stern, he seemed downright cheerful, the cad!

Julia Keaton

#melantha #ransom #stranger-in-my-bed #home

I just want people to remember me like I remember Buster Keaton. When they talk about Buster Keaton or Gene Kelly, people say, 'Ah yes, they good.' Maybe one day, they remember Jackie Chan that way.

Jackie Chan

#ah #buster #chan #day #gene

The thrill I got discovering Buster Keaton when I was growing up was so exciting. He was one of the greats.

John Cleese

#discovering #exciting #got #greats #growing

Some of the greatest actors have turned superheroes into a serious business: Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in 'Batman'; Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, the first venerable knights of the X-Men, who have now passed the baton to Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.

Tom Hiddleston

#baton #business #first #greatest #ian

It is a quintessential example of the whirling kinetics that drive a Keaton film, in which not just the medium but the human body- the permutations of the sinews, the shock of the limbs -seems infinitely elastic, an unruly instument to be wilded with a cheeky kind of grace.

Edward McPherson

#film #human #humor #keaton #movies

Breaking the kiss when she had reached the point where she had begun to hope he would never stop, he surged over her and she felt his need digging into her belly as he burrowed his face against her neck. "Don't torture me anymore. I am repentant. I swear." She opened her eyes to look at him as he lifted his head. His features were drawn and harsh with painful need. "I have never been more miserable in my life, Mellie, and the only way you could possibly make me more miserable is to leave where I can not even see you." Lifting a hand, she stroked his hard cheek. He turned his face into her palm, kissing it. "Don't make beg, Mellie." "Why?" A pained look flickered across his features. "Because I will, and my ego might never recover.

Julia Keaton

#melantha #ransom #stranger-in-my-bed #life

He pressed his lips against hers and closing his own eyes, ignoring the pain in his side, and the uncertainty in his chest he mouthed, ‘I love my Princess. I love my Jocelyn. Love you and only you from now until forever.

Julia Keaton

#forbidden #julia-keaton #love

And of course to work with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, and work with a wonderful, beautiful script directed by Nancy Meyers, it was really for me a dream come true.

Keanu Reeves

#come #course #diane #directed #dream

Down through the years my face has been called a sour puss, a dead pan, a frozen face, The Great Stone Face, and, believe it or not, "a tragic mask." On the other hand that kindly critic, the late James Agee, described my face as ranking "almost with Lincoln's as an early American archetype, it was haunting, handsome, almost beautiful." I can't imagine what the great rail splitter's reaction would have been to this, though I sure was pleased.

Buster Keaton


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