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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #kills

She nibbles her pencil... She's human!

Charles M. Schulz

#human #humour #people-skills #friendship

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

Hector Berlioz

#kills #pupils #teacher #time #unfortunately

I have absorbed my life now. I am ready for my music to unfold. I know time flies, but before the end of this year, the album will be out. Even if it kills me.

Neneh Cherry

#am #before #end #even #flies

What'll Geoffrey do when you pull off your First, my child?" demanded Miss Haydock. "Well, Eve -- it will be awkward if I do that. Poor lamb! I shall have to make him believe I only did it by looking fragile and pathetic at the viva.

Dorothy L. Sayers

#academia #academic-degrees #achievements #clichés #double-standards

Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.

Brooke Shields

#important #killed #kills #life #lost

Follow the rules until you make them.

Luke Green

#skills #truisms #writing #life

You should be grateful that you were even blessed for a moment. You have been rescued from your rotting corpse. You have experienced immortality. You have experienced perfection. Look at yourself. This is your purest form. Your worst qualities have been sifted out, the flaw and weaknesses blown away. The way you have been experiencing the world with your pathetic human senses? Now you know. You were living in a fog. You were appreciating only a fraction of what this world has to offer. That life was worth nothing.

Wynne Channing

#what-kills-me #life

Wherever you find a great man, you will find a great mother or a great wife standing behind him -- or so they used to say. It would be interesting to know how many great women have had great fathers and husbands behind them.

Dorothy L. Sayers

#clichés #double-standards #empowerment #feminism #gender

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.

Dion Boucicault

#killing #kills #men #quietly #talk

This is a perfectly good picture. And if I didn't know you, I would be impressed and charmed. But I do know you." He thought some more, wondering whether he dared say precisely what he felt, for he knew he could never explain exactly why the idea came to him. "It's the painting of a dutiful daughter," he said eventually, looking at her cautiously to see her reaction. "You want to please. You are always aware of what the person looking at this picture will think of it. Because of that you've missed something important. Does that make sense?" She thought, then nodded. "All right," she said grudgingly and with just a touch of despair in her voice. "You win." Julien grunted. "Have another go, then. I shall come back and come back until you figure it out." "And you'll know?" "You'll know. I will merely get the benefit of it.

Iain Pears

#creativity #daughters #duty #expectation #fulfillment

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