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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #laurel

Sometimes the greatest wounds are the ones we try the hardest not to inflict.

Laurell K. Hamilton


It's been the work that has carried me and I never wanted to rest on my laurels or go back and do what I done before.

David Cassidy

#been #before #carried #done #go

Maybe they know what I know, that the true way to a man's heart is six inches of metal between his ribs. Sometimes four inches will do the job, but to be really sure, I like to have six. Funny how phallic objects are always more useful the bigger they are. Anyone who tells you size doesn't matter has been seeing too many small knives.

Laurell K. Hamilton

#laurell-k-hamilton #funny

You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.

Stan Laurel

#laurel-and-hardy #laurel-hardy #stan-laurel #humor

Every ruler should strive for his people to love him. But if they cannot love you, then make them fear you. Love is better, but fear will do the job.

Laurell K. Hamilton

#laurell-k-hamilton #vampire #love

It's your call," he said softly, "but whatever you decide, I'll help you." He placed a soft, warm hand at the back of her neck and Laurel's breath caught in her chest. "Whatever you need, I'll be. If you need the science geek to give you answers from a textbook, I'm your guy; if you just want a friend to sit by you in bio and help you feel better when you're sad, I'm still your guy." His thumb slowly stroked across her earlobe and down her cheek. "And if you need someone to hold you and protect you from anyone in the world who might want to hurt you, then I am definitely your guy." His pale-blue eyes bore into hers, and for a second she couldn't breath. "But it's all up to you," he whispered.

Aprilynne Pike

#aprilynne-pike #david #laurel #pike #wings

It didn't matter to her that Tamani only had weak magic, he was magic.

Aprilynne Pike

#aprilynne-pike #laurel #tamani #wings #magic

But with me, you are never just a spring faerie.

Aprilynne Pike

#illusions #laurel #tamani #wings #spring

Her two worlds, two lives that she tried so hard to keep separate, were crashing together. And she felt helpless to stop it.

Aprilynne Pike

#laurel #world #separation

You never want to rest on your laurels. You want to keep doing things that terrify you.

Kate Walsh

#keep #laurels #never #rest #terrify

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