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I'm not happy," she whispered. "I don't know what I am, but this isn't happiness.

Melissa Marr

#leslie #love

I'm still yours, though. That won't ever change, Shadow Girl.

Melissa Marr

#leslie #change

She closed her eyes briefly, feeling sick. Olivia had experienced strangulation before. Having to look directly into the face of the person who was killing you made the experience beyond awful. But there were worse things than that. Staring into the void of unresolved memory, living an eternal mystery, waking up night after night seeing the face of someone you desperately wanted to save but having not the slightest clue how to do it—all that was worse. If going through with this experience gave her the answers she needed, if it gave her peace, it would be well worth one-hundred-and-thirty seconds of fear and pain.

Leslie Parrish

#paranormal #psychics #romance #romantic-suspense #thrillers

She wanted something she didn't have words for- peace, numbness, something.

Melissa Marr

#tattoo #love

What do you mean?” Leslie’s voice was cool, as if she questioned witches who were flat on their backs being threatened by werewolves every day.

Patricia Briggs

#charles-cornick #humor #interrogation #leslie #werewolves

I didn't drown. I didn't break.

Melissa Marr


I need to check in with Seth before I--" he burrowed his face into the side of her neck, his breath almost painfully warm on her throat--"give in to my unconscionable desire to put my hands on you properly.

Melissa Marr

#niall #love

You're not weak at all. Wounded, but that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Melissa Marr

#niall #love

I went in with Jack and Leslie, into this room that was lined with brick, and there on the side I can remember very clearly was this small model with plates for the bases - the original model with everything screwed together.

Sydney Brenner

#brick #clearly #everything #i #i can

Yes, it's true, I've been called the Laurence Olivier of spoofs. I guess that would make Laurence Olivier the Leslie Nielsen of Shakespeare.

Leslie Nielsen

#called #guess #i #laurence #laurence olivier

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