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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #medicine

My life should be unique; it should be an alms, a battle, a conquest, a medicine.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

#battle #conquest #honest #life #living

My father, for whose skills as a surgeon I have the deepest respect, says, "The operation with the best outcome is the one you decide not to do." Knowing when not to operate, knowing when I am in over my head, knowing when to call for the assistance of a surgeon of my father's caliber--that kind of talent, that kind of "brilliance," goes unheralded.

Abraham Verghese

#healing #medicine #surgeon #respect

In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable.

Kevin Alan Lee

#government #health-care #health-care-system #humanism #medical

Homeopathy pills are, after all, empty little sugar pills which seem to work, and so they embody [..] how we can be misled into thinking that any intervention is more effective than it really is.

Ben Goldacre

#medicine #science #science

Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get fed up with one, I spend the night with the other

Anton Chekhov

#medicine #medicine

To be silent the whole day long, see no newspaper, hear no radio, listen to no gossip, be thoroughly and completely lazy, thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world is the finest medicine a man can give himself.

Henry Miller

#society #the-colossus-of-maroussi #wisdom-of-silence #medicine

All around the dining hall, you can feel the rejuvenating effect that a good meal can bring on. The way it can make people kinder, funnier, more optimistic, and remind them it's not a mistake to go on living. It's better than any medicine.

Suzanne Collins


Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.


#medicine #medicine

The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it


#disease #humanism #medicine #nurse #medicine

She could walk through a lightning storm without being touched; grab a bolt of lightning in the palm of her hand; use the heat of lightning to start the kindling going under her medicine pot. She turned the moon into salve, the stars into swaddling cloth, and healed the wounds of every creature walking up on two or down on four.

Gloria Naylor

#women #medicine

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