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My sex life is okay." "Yeah," Morelli said. "But sometimes it's fun to have a partner.

Janet Evanovich

#joe-morelli #stephanie-plum #humor

I don't believe this," Morelli yelled. "I don't fucking believe this. What do you do, sit in bed at night and think about ways to fuck up my life?

Janet Evanovich

#stephanie-plum #life

Bob had a dog buscuit stuck to his head. "How does he always get food stuck to him?" I asked Morelli. "I don't know," Morelli said. "It's a Bob mystery. I think stuff falls out of his mouth and he rolls in it. I'm not sure." -Morelli And Stephanie

Janet Evanovich

#humor #morelli #stephanie-plum #food

Joe" I said. "It's Stephanie." "Does this involve death?" "Not yet." "Does this involve sex?" "Not yet." "I can't imagine why else you'd be calling me.

Janet Evanovich

#stephanie #death

Nice dress. Take it off.

Janet Evanovich

#morelli #romance #humor

Men drive off bridges and drink too much because of women like you.

Janet Evanovich

#morelli #humor

I rushed us out of your parents' house because I didn't think I could manage two hours at the dinner table with everyone focused on Joe Loosey's joystick sitting in the refrigerator next to the applesauce.

Janet Evanovich

#joe-morelli #humor

Fine. Let Ranger get someone else. Trust me, you don't want to be out looking for a parking place on Sloane in the middle of the night." I won't have to look for a parking place. Tank's picking me up. Your working with a guy name Tank? He's big. Jesus, Morelli said. I had to fall in love with a woman who works with a guy named Tank. You love me? Of course i love you. I just don't want to marry you.

Janet Evanovich

#stephine #love

Next time I fall in love it's going to be with someone who isn't an expert in fibbing." "You're in love with me?" "You didn't know that?" "I did, but it's nice to hear." "Scares the hell out of me.

Janet Evanovich

#stephanie-plum #love

Yeah. Almost as surprising as when you nailed me with your father's car." In the interest of avoiding confrontation, I felt compelled to explain. I didn't feel obliged to do it convincingly. "It was an accident. My foot slipped." "That was no accident. You jumped the goddamn curb and followed me down the sidewalk.

Janet Evanovich

#stephanie-plum #money

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