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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #perfection

Perfection is such a nuisance that I often regret having cured myself of using tobacco.

Emile Zola

#having #i #myself #nuisance #often

I look through the absolute beauty of yours...

Ankur Kumar Shah

#appreciation #beauty #cage #caged-bird #caged-view

Imperfection is in some sort essential to all that we know in life.

John Ruskin

#life #life

Learning to pay attention to how your body feels can offer you rich guidance about your choices and direction in life.

Lynn A. Robinson

#divine-intuition #intuition #manifestation #religion #spirituality-of-imperfection

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. You can however, create a relationship which is perfect. Perfection comes from your commitment to being a teacher and a student. Being as curious and playful as children. Having the maturity of an adult, and being a friend, partner, and lover. Perfection often comes from imperfection. So, embrace the challenges and learn to grow together, not apart….

James A. Murphy

#love #perfection #relationships #life

Earth life is giant field day where we willingly choose the limitation of racing with both feet in a potato sack, or sometimes we join up with another and agree to the limitation of racing as a team where each person has one leg tied to the leg of the other....Agreeing to run a race with limitations or live a life with limitations doesn't mean you're slow, clumsy, or unenlightened. It just means you're showing up on field day, participating, and if you're really good, you try your best despite the obstacles.

Kaya McLaren

#life #life

Don't mistake activity with achievement.

John Wooden

#acquirement #act #action #activity #attainment

Perhaps a past of bingeing, restricting, or purging comes back to haunt you from time to time. Maybe you have to fight hard battles against vanity, gluttony, and shame. But with God’s saving power, every new day is a gift, an opportunity to detach yourself from tormenting thoughts about food or how you look and to attach yourself to God. Remember, we all hunger for God, more than we hunger for a big bowl of ice cream or a perfect physique.

Kate Wicker

#catholic #christian #detachment #eating-disorder #faith

Alright,” he admitted, “So I’m not everything you’d hoped for. But really, what man can ever live up to any woman’s terribly high expectations?” This got her attention. She almost stood up to face him, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Leaning forward, she retorted, “Expecting a man to respect you, to be honest with you, and, oh yes, to not be a murderer! I don’t think those are overly high expectations!” He shrugged, casually excusing his faults. “Nobody’s perfect.” “Gemdorin, what do you want?” she asked, exasperated. He plainly stated his desire. “I want you.

Richelle E. Goodrich

#deceit #desire #eena #expectations #love

yearning n. and adj. At te core of this desire is the belief that everything can be perfect.

David Levithan

#perfection #love

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