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In the alluvial sweep of the land, I thought I could see the past and the present and the future all at once, as though time were not sequential in nature but took place without a beginning or an end, like a flash of green light rippling outward from the center of creation, not unlike a dream inside the mind of God.

James Lee Burke


A common misconception of education comes when the definition of education narrows to the intellectual. The child is compartmentalized. He is not seen as a whole person, fully-integrated with physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual capacities. Thus, if an educational program attempts to address the child's intellect while ignoring his spiritual and emotional development, the approach is sadly ignoring the true reality of the child. Likewise, those who separate the spiritual and emotional part of a child from the intellectual make a big mistake. You cannot delegate only the intellectual training of your child to professionals and retain just the spiritual and emotional for yourself. Whatever class is taught, the whole child is affected.

Kevin Swanson

#kevin #swanson #upgrade #education

away from fast food - for three weeks already. And I was starting to miss the occasional burger and fries. I assumed there'd be a few of the other lads feeling the same way. I talked to Sven, who thought it wouldn't do any harm, and then had a word with the England chefs. On the Wednesday night we all trooped down to dinner. The doors of the dining room were shut and there were two giant golden arches stuck up on them. We all went inside and there was a McDonald's takeaway mountain waiting for us: more burgers, cheeseburgers and chips than you've ever seen piled up in one room in your life. It was a complete surprise to all the players. We just devoured everything: it was like watching kids going mad in a candy store. And it worked. We did it again before we played Denmark. Maybe fast food was what was missing from our preparations for facing Brazil.

David Beckham


I have no appetite,' she sighed. 'Not for food, not for work. Not for anything.' I looked at her and wondered what I am except appetite.

Andrea Barrett


It was through Peter that she first understood that the world existed before her, without her. For a few days she could not forgive him for this.

Andrea Barrett


The life she'd led, each of the places she'd called home sending unexpected shoots toward the next, had made her open to almost anything.

Andrea Barrett


Solange and all her irritating brothers could get themselves kiled without me. I deserved to be part of their clandestine plans. I'd earned it. And I was sure they'd need a human touch at some point. And if they asked Hunter to help instead of me, I'd stake every last one of them myself. Mom says jealousy is unattractive. So's a broken nose. I'm just saying.

Alyxandra Harvey

#pg- #jealousy

Education is the preparation of a child intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for life and for eternity.

Kevin Swanson

#kevin #school #swanson #upgrade #education

you dont have solo rights to anything anymore,not even your crazy life

Luis J. Rodríguez


I'm sorry I didn't tell you I loved you when I knew I did. Most of all I'm sorry I gave up on us when you never did.

Chuck Bass

#relationships #love

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