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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #prostitution

You don't understand. I only prostitute the part of the body that isn't important, and nobody suffers except my karma a little bit. I don't do big harm. You prostitute your mind. Mind is seat of Buddha. What you do is very very bad. You should not use your mind in that way

John Burdett

#prostitution #the-mind #karma

Join us. Play the game. It will bring you an untold number of rewards and you will finally have some direction and purpose in your lives. Take control of yourselves and those around you. Bend them to your will and all worldly pleasures will be yours...

Martin Hopkins

#addiction #crime #edinburgh #erotica #homelessness

At night all cats are grey.

George Orwell

#love #prostitution #sex #love

[I]t is not by being richer or more powerful that a man becomes better; one is a matter of fortune, the other of virtue. Nor should she deem herself other than venal who weds a rich man rather than a poor, and desires more things in her husband than himself. Assuredly, whomsoever this concupiscence leads into marriage deserves payment rather than affection.

Héloïse d'Argenteuil

#concupiscence #dignity #fortune #greed #honesty

And if all womankind banded together and took the male path, the world would turn into one huge brothel.

M. Ageyev

#female-versus-male #feminity #masculinity #men-versus-women #prostitution

I was shocked, however, to discover that homeschooling is not allowed in the Netherlands. I could only imagine that after legalizing pot, prostitution and gambling, they had to outlaw something.

Quinn Cummings

#homeschooling #netherlands #prostitution #imagination

In the beginning I revelled in being so rebellious and bad. I had recently discovered the new age book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, which incorporated the power of visualization and affirmations. Even then the book resonated, resulting in me asserting, 'I, Paris, am the best hooker in town!' repeatedly on the long drive to work. I am not sure this is what Louise Hay had in mind!

Joanne Brodie

#louise-hay #prostitution #self-help #age

His life was a party which tragically came to an early end.

David J. Cooper

#drugs #male-prostitution #tragedy #life

A woman with an education may be able to spend more time sitting in a chair instead of lying on her back. A sound advantage, I should think.

Anne Bishop

#prostitution #education

He taunted me, "Pony boy, pony boy," because I liked ponies. Pony boy. He always came to vent his anger of dragons on me. They must really like us. They hide behind their Wasp Queen and pretend to hate us dragons, but in truth they love us. Why else would they bother with fucking us? That sentence probably turned you off. Thing is, I'm a very vulgar boy. -Chance Karrucci (the Sweet Dragon)

L'Poni Baldwin

#dragons #prostitution #society-on-da-run #anger

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