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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #stars

...your soul can never be long going to the fixed stars, where I intend to settle; or else you may find me in the milky way.

Michael Kelahan

#stars #love

...loving a fairy lady with a magic song will leave you desolate on a cold hillside ... but from there you can see the stars...

John Geddes

#fairy #magic #poetry #stars #love

My star will just be one of the stars, for you. And so you will love to watch all the stars in the heavens...they will all be your friends." -the little prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

#stars #love

I don't want you to be my fan. I want you to be mine.

Emme Rollins

#alpha-male #alpha-male-declaration-of-love #alpha-males #fans #love

When I came to this city, I would have agreed with anyone who said there was little mystery left in the world. But in you, madam, first in your image, then in your living self, I saw the allure of something far away and as secret as the stars. As I reached towards this unknown, I began to feel like a man who has ridden through a vast desert, never knowing anything but the sand around him and the dry road under him, then comes upon the mirage of a garden and a city, and finds that the mirage is real, and that it is bigger than the desert; that the desert was, after all his walking, only a small part of the mirage” “Then you felt love, which is the state of feeling desire and the fulfillment of desire at the same time,” she said.

K.J. Bishop

#beth-constanzin #desert #desire #fulfillment #gwynn

there is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars

John Green

#human-nature #john-green #stars #the-fault-in-our-stars #nature

You can't be like pop stars, but you can be part of their story. You can be their fan.

Simon Cheshire

#music #pop-stars #music

Worrying about clothes, though, is easy to understand. When it comes to clothes, people are very competitive, especially if they're movie stars. I think every smart woman devises a look for herself. Margaret Sullivan had a look: romantic, young, pretty, smart. Katharine Hepburn made a look for herself as this wonderful old salty character. Marilyn Monroe had a look; it was like, "Fuck me with sadness"...

Carol Matthau

#movie-stars #humor

We feel the same emotions for our ideas as we do for the real world, which is why we can cry while reading a book, or fall in love with movie stars.

Roger Ebert

#cry #emotion #ideas #movie-stars #love

Rigel, Betelgeuse, and Orion. There was no finer church, no finer choir, than the stars speaking in silence to the many consumptives silently condemned, a legion upon the dark rooftops. The wind came down from the north like a runner in lacrosse, violent and hard, to batter every living thing. They were there, each one alone in conversation with the stars, mining ephemeral love from cold and distant light.

Mark Helprin

#nature-as-church #numinous #our-place-in-the-universe #revelation #spirituality

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