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John Milton

Read through the most famous quotes from John Milton

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..

— John Milton

#religion #inspirational

Solitude sometimes is best society.

— John Milton

#privacy #solitude #society

Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.

— John Milton

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I will not deny but that the best apology against false accusers is silence and sufferance, and honest deeds set against dishonest words.

— John Milton

#integrity #patience #suffering #wisdom #integrity

By proof we feel Our power sufficient to disturb his Heav'n, And with perpetual inrodes to alarm, Though inaccessible, his fatal Throne: Which if not Victory is yet Revenge.

— John Milton

#victory #revenge

Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind.

— John Milton

#freedom-of-thought #freedom

A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.

— John Milton


The end of all learning is to know God, and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him.

— John Milton

#imitate #learning #love #love

Yet he who reigns within himself, and rules Passions, desires, and fears, is more a king.

— John Milton


Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep...

— John Milton

#lucifer #satan #satan

About John Milton

John Milton Quotes

Did you know about John Milton?

His travels supplemented his study with new and direct experience of artistic and religious traditions especially Roman Catholicism. Otherwise at Cambridge he developed a reputation for poetic skill and general erudition but experienced alienation from his peers and university life as a whole. His own corpus is not devoid of humour notably his sixth prolusion and his epitaphs on the death of Thomas Hobson.

). William Hayley's 1796 biography called him the "greatest English author" and he remains generally regarded "as one of the preeminent writers in the English language" though critical reception has oscillated in the centuries since his death (often on account of his republicanism). Samuel Johnson praised Paradise Lost as "a poem which.

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