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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #tour

I didn't spend much time in America, which probably was a mistake. To someone else, having a number one in America would be enough to get them touring.

Kim Wilde

#else #enough #get #having #i

I'd like to tour, but again, to tour my music now would take a bigger band.

Kip Winger

#band #bigger #i #like #music

We got touring with the Stones, and people were trying to keep up with Keith. He's like a human machine with a constitution of iron, and they all thought they could do the same.

Ron Wood

#could #got #human #iron #keep

I thoroughly enjoy getting away from the game and going out fishing because it's so relaxing, so quiet and peaceful. I mean, there's no noise other than nature - and it's so different from what I do in a tournament situation that it just eases my mind.

Tiger Woods

#because #different #eases #enjoy #fishing

The touring was crazy, it was a lot of work. But I enjoyed it.

Adam Ant

#enjoyed #i #lot #touring #work

Well, in the sense that we do not tour or record together anymore - then I suppose not. But if our old recordings get heard more we shall be delighted.

Peter Asher

#delighted #get #heard #i #more

That the native does not like the tourist is not hard to explain. For every native of every place is a potential tourist, and every tourist is a native of somewhere. Every native everywhere lives a life of overwhelming and crushing banality and boredom and desperation and depression, and every deed, good and bad, is an attempt to forget this. Every native would like to find a way out, every native would like a rest, every native would like a tour. But some natives—most natives in the world—cannot go anywhere. They are too poor. They are too poor to go anywhere. They are too poor to escape the reality of their lives; and they are too poor to live properly in the place they live, which is the very place you, the tourist, want to go—so when the natives see you, the tourist, they envy you, they envy your ability to leave your own banality and boredom, they envy your ability to turn their own banality and boredom into a source of pleasure for yourself.

Jamaica Kincaid

#native #tourist #life

None of the characters in (the story) were distinguished ones -- not even the lion. He was an old lion, prepared from birth to lose his life rather than to leave it. But he had the dignity of all free creatures, and so he was allowed his moment. It was hardly a glorious moment. The two men who shot him were indifferent as men go, or perhaps they were less than that. At least they shot him without killing him, and then turned the unsconscionable eye of a camera upon his agony. It was a small, a stupid, but a callous crime.

Beryl Markham

#hunting #lions #stupidity #tourists #life

I won't be able to live without my guitar, my phone or my boots on tour.

Skylar Laine

#boots #guitar #i #live #phone

I'm hoping to become a recording artist and make albums and go on tour.

Skylar Laine

#artist #become #go #hoping #i

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