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It's going to be like an...aura, I guess." He looked down at me and raised an eyebrow. "Explain?" "Like even though there are outside forces pushing through the walls, in here it's like a bubble of goodness. Like coming home." I could feel him smiling and it encouraged me to elaborate. "When I think of how others would see it, I imagine them seeing a force of goodness overshadowing a force of evil, protecting it.

Jessica Shirvington

#jessica-shirvington #lincoln-wood #the-violet-eden-chapters #violet-eden #imagination

Jay sat down across from Chelsea and took both of her hands in his. The oversized lunchroom was buzzing with activity, and he practically had to yell to be heard. "Chelsea, for the love of everything good and holy, please ... please stop ruining my friend." Violet bit her lip to stop from laughing at the two of them. She knew what he was talking about before he even explained. It was the new facial hair. Chelsea jerked her hands out of his. "Oh, relax, drama queen. He's not broken. Besides, I'm gonna fix him this weekend." Jay seemed relieved.

Kimberly Derting

#jay #mike #violet #love

What are you doing a study on right now?" "A study on the statistical probablity of love at first sight.

Jennifer E. Smith

#charlotte #hadley #monty #oliver #violet

You are the only person who loves me in the world," said Elizabeth. "When you talk to me I smell violets.

L.M. Montgomery

#violets #love

Dad pressed against my mind. Please, Allison. Let me, just this once, hold my son. I shouldn't. Nothing good ever came from letting my father have his way. But I could feel his love for this baby. And even if he couldn't love me, I knew that at this moment, before the baby could grow up and become a disappointment to him, he truly loved him. I slowly stepped away from the front of my mind, letting him fill that space, letting him feel through my hands, see through my eyes. "He's amazing," Dad said through me. "You're amazing." He looked up at Violet, and she smiled.

Devon Monk

#daniel-beckstrom #devon-monk #magic-on-the-hunt #violet #love

Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?

L.M. Montgomery

#anne-of-green-gables #violets #l-m-montgomery

The snowdrop and primrose our woodlands adorn, and violets bathe in the wet o' the morn.

Robert Burns

#bathe #morn #our #violets #wet

Big doesn't necessarily mean better. Sunflowers aren't better than violets.

Edna Ferber

#big #mean #necessarily #than #violets

We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory.

Bern Williams

#looking #may #pass #roses #victory

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