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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #violet

It's my privilege to love you.

Jessica Shirvington


How did you get out of the suicide door?" Her disbelief was a living, pettable thing. "Magic." Her eyes narrowed. "There is no magic." "Maybe not for you. But I'm from out of town.

Dia Reeves

#dia-reeves #humor #humor

What are you doing here?" she asked as she slowed from a jog to a walk and placed her hands on her hips. It would take her a few minutes to get her breathing back to normal. Longer if he kept smiling at her like that. He shrugged. "I couldn't sleep. What about you?" She opted for the obvious and filled her voice with as much sarcasm as she could. "I live here, actually

Kimberly Derting

#violet #sarcasm

They lay there like that, in a different kind of silence now, watching the lake and the stars, listening to the night, each basking in the warmth of the other.

Kimberly Derting

#love #violet #love

Can you enter a house uninvited?" "No." "Why?" "That would be rude.

Abigail Gibbs

#humor #sarcasm #vampire-mythology #violet #humor

You're incredible. I can feel your power and it's more than anything I...Violet," he swallowed, watching me in awe. "It's like...It's like you're as powerful as an angel." -Lincoln

Jessica Shirvington

#jessica-shirvington #lincoln #link #love #soulmates

I pushed passed him. He grabbed my hand and swung me back towards him. Then he pushed me against the wall and... he kissed me. He ran his thumb along my jawline and down my throat, hips pinning me to the wall. He kissed me slowly and with intensity, and once I got over the mind-numbing shock and comprehended what was actually happening, it was incredible. I had never been kissed like that before. We melted together. Every movement of mine was somehow perfectly mirrored by his. My heart was pounding so hard I knew he must be able to feel it and I was sure my legs were giving way, but he held me up, pushed me harder against the wall. I grabbed a handful of his hair, remembering all the times I'd dreamed of doing it. I let my hand drift down his back and pulled him even closer to me. It all happened so quickly. I heard him make a low kind of growl and lean into me. His hand slid down my leg behind my knee, drawing it to him. I moaned and felt him tense.

Jessica Shirvington

#jessica-shirvington #kissing #lincoln-wood #love #making-out

Linc?" "Yeah." "About the other thing my dad said to you," I cringed. "What else is he supposed to think?" he asked, a smile in his tone. "You're over here all the time. If not training, we're hanging out. I'm surprised he hasn't warned me off sooner. It's good to see he's paying attention.

Jessica Shirvington

#lincoln-wood #love #the-violet-eden-chapters #violet-eden #love

Violet!' Lincoln said, then sighed. 'You don't love him. This isn't real. You know what's real and it's hard and it hurts and we can't...Damn it, Vi--we're real!

Jessica Shirvington

#violet-eden #love

From the corner of her eye, the wildflowers along the wall caught her attention. “Roar, wait!” Roar turned around. “Yes?” he asked, arching an eyebrow. Aria ran to the wall, scanning the flowers. She found the right one and plucked it. She drew in its scent and imagined Perry walking beside her, his bow across his back, looking over with his lopsided grin. She brought the flower to Roar. “I changed my mind,” she said. “Give him this.” Roar’s eyes crinkled in confusion. “I thought you liked roses. What’s this?” “A violet.” 

Veronica Rossi

#perry #romance #violets #change

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