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Ebay Confessions

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I love shopping for 2nd hand dresses especially vintage modest ones. Crossdressing in a dress with very naughty underwear or none at all is amazing. I love thinking about the women who owned the dress first and wonder if they wore the dress with out panties too and if they enjoyed being sexy in it too. I love contacting the and telling them how much I love the dress. It’s fun to make a story of me wearing their dress to a Burlesque show and stripping full nude on state. Many women have loved when they hear of me stripping in their old dress.

#ebay   #thriftstore   #dresses   #crossdresser  

I have become a hoarder. I go on eBay late at night when everyone is asleep and I buy luxury clothing and shoes that are not even my size. I started working from home so I can accept the packages without my husband knowing. I have boxes on top of boxes and I tell him that they are inventory that I am selling online but I'm not. I haven't sold anything online in over a year or two. I am so sick over my deception and addiction that I just lay in bed all day and make plans on how I am going to rectify the situation. But all I do is wind up unpacking one box and repackaging the items in another. I don't know why I am doing this. I never cared about things like that before but now it's like if I see a Tory Burch bag for $5 with free shipping and I dont buy it I feel like I'm about to take a huge test that I am completely unprepared for, or like I'm about to jump out of a plane. The only thing that stops the anxiety is buying the item. I am out of money and I can't remember the last time I did dishes or made dinner. I just lock myself in my room and obsess over this all day and all night.

#ebay   #poshmark   #hoarder   #fat   #lazy   #isolated   #liar  

My girlfriend gave me the new GTA V as a present. She said just because she loves me.
She doesn't know that I bought it myself already. I didn't tell her and sold it on eBay instead.
Now I have GTA V and some cash for extra beer.

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