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que ferais-je sans ce monde que ferais-je sans ce monde sans visage sans questions où être ne dure qu'un instant où chaque instant verse dans le vide dans l'oubli d'avoir été sans cette onde où à la fin corps et ombre ensemble s'engloutissent que ferais-je sans ce silence gouffre des murmures haletant furieux vers le secours vers l'amour sans ce ciel qui s'élève sur la poussieère de ses lests que ferais-je je ferais comme hier comme aujourd'hui regardant par mon hublot si je ne suis pas seul à errer et à virer loin de toute vie dans un espace pantin sans voix parmi les voix enfermées avec moi what would I do without this world what would I do without this world faceless incurious where to be lasts but an instant where every instant spills in the void the ignorance of having been without this wave where in the end body and shadow together are engulfed what would I do without this silence where the murmurs die the pantings the frenzies towards succour towards love without this sky that soars above its ballast dust what would I do what I did yesterday and the day before peering out of my deadlight looking for another wandering like me eddying far from all the living in a convulsive space among the voices voiceless that throng my hiddenness

Samuel Beckett

#french #poems #love

Where do I begin? I loved working with Kate Hepburn, which was one of the highlights of my life; Working with Richard Burton in Beckett was another great joy.

Peter O'Toole

#beckett #begin #burton #great #great joy

Beckett had an unerring light on things, which I much appreciated.

Harold Pinter

#beckett #had #i #light #much

But man is still today, at the age of twenty-five, at the mercy of an erection, physically too, from time to time, it's the common lot, even I was not immune, if that can be called an erection. It did not escape her naturally, women smell a rigid phallus ten miles away and wonder, How on earth did he spot me from there?

Samuel Beckett


What is certain is this, that I never rested in that way again, my feet obscenely resting on the earth, my arms on the handlebars and on my arms my head, rocking and abandoned. It is indeed a delporable sight, a deplorable example, for the people, who so need to be encouraged, in their bitter toil, and to have before their eyes manifestations of strength only, of courage and joy, without which they might collapse, at the end of the day, and roll on the ground.

Samuel Beckett

#example #identifying-with-others #people #separation #courage

She's gonna know the rooster's in the hen house when she doesn't find me there, so we'd better hurry.

Georgia Cates

#beauty-series #georgia-cates #jack-henry #jack-mclachlan #laurelyn-prescott

But I'm terrified of giving up my career only to have the whole thing backfire in my face. What if I move down there and it doesn't work out?" "What if you don't and you never know what might have been? Can you live with that?

Georgia Cates

#addison-donavon #beauty-from-surrender #georgia-cates #laurelyn-prescott #paige-beckett

To have been always what I am - and so changed from what I was.

Samuel Beckett

#happy-days #change

To be always what I am - and so changed from what I was.

Samuel Beckett

#happy-days #change

And as for girls who try to stay away from me—my charm always wears them down.” “I’m up-to-date on my shots, so I’m pretty much immune to everything.

Jenny B. Jones

#finley #dating

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